This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


May go to laundrymat lol @bob31 @Niala


Lol :sweat_smile:, Yeap, it’s a good solution :wink:


You might want to go into hiding after if you try it @bob31 :imp: @Zombo’s idea seems like a win all around and will keep the peace.


I have to go, my “quota” of internet for today is gone. … see you tomorow or later this week, my friends


Take it easy Bro!


That’s good advise @AnneBonny… I’m already pushing the limits with growing to begin with…lol


Be well Al! @Niala


I will , @Rugar89 @Zombo @bob31


they are already so cute!


they have small travel washing machines that are really basic and cheap… Always wanted to buy one and doubles as a bubblehash bag machine too so might be an excuse for me to buy one for myself on Xmas :smile:


@bob31 both my autos got chopped this weekend also. I don’t weigh mine but thinking I’ll end up with 2oz off each plant.


@bob31 I had a bunch of catching up to do
Woohoo on your harvest
Always a good time


Thanks all for your liking and comments. Not a huge harvest but enough to make some tincture and vape for the Mrs. And maybe a little bud left over for evening meds!


Still outstanding grow :slight_smile:


there’s nothing like the quality of your own home grown :wink:
the love and dedication you put in and the good feelings taken away are their own rewards that can’t be weighed by the gram, ounce or pound


preach it, @kabongster,preach it!!!




You said man! :pray::raised_hands:


Well said @kabongster you should start a church
I’d listen to you preach all day lol brother


Amen :pray:, lol :wink: :innocent: