This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


Here we go ILGM Grow #2

27 May 2017 at 0800 I dropped 2 ILGM Blue Berry Autos and a Gold Leaf Fem along with a couple of ounces of Wheatgrass!

And at some point we will be moving the whole shooting match out into the shed, which I will include in the journal. If nothing else I’m hoping it will be informative but uneventful!

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Wheatgrass Seeds

bottom tray of the grow dome

modified pan for the wheatgrass

glasses for the wheatgrass and beans

in the water they go!

Their homes after they germinate. Still have to put the holes in them!

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Dam @bob31 you beat me to soaking the gold leaf beans lol woohoo can’t wait to see this one brother


Thanks for the tag…keep me in the loop, I want to follow this grow :wink: and thanks for the intro video :laughing: !


I’m hoping she makes a great clone mother! Haven’t decided if I just want to keep cloning her or clone the clones. It’s an awesome predicament! @Countryboyjvd1971

@Screwauger @Cocinero @GetbackJoJo @Niala. Welcome back Al!

@Tdave1211 I’m tagged out so you’ll have to go to the top from here brother!


It is that Sir
My situation is having room for the mother and the clones etc I need more space bob but I have a feeling even if I had my whole basement I’d want more lol


@Countryboyjvd1971…lol… I think you have enough growing now Country., you’ll have to hire some horticulturists for help…lol


Thanks for the tag. Mine are in sour cream bowls.


all of the northeast dwellers will get a kick out of the Cabot’s containers. They are from Vermont. The governor of VT just vetoed the MJ legalization law so I’m using the Cabot containers as a sign of solidarity with the VT Peeps. ( LOL ) Not really but they are the perfect size @Hunter00


Following! As my Blueberry autos are on the way!


@Rugar89 they practically grow themselves they are so easy! Glad to have you along.


@bob31 :heart: Had to give you a like that way as I’ve seemed to of ran out of love for the day. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the tag! Ill follow this closely for sure i want to do the berry strains myself!


I think my next will be blue b autos. A lot of people seem to like it .is it good for pain @bob31


I’m with ya brother ! Let the grow times commence ! I had an auto blueberry in the yard that got pulled, eaten/whatever when I was gone. Decided to start a Ca Dream indoors. Gonna be watching ya here. Take care and have a safe Memorial Day ! Jerry


Hey bob trying to follow everyone’s grow, thanks for video! I’ll be watchin :grin::seedling:


at it again i see,let’s see some explosive growth!!! lol
what is up with the wheat grass?


@bob31… That’s hilarious!!


Congrats on the new grow @bob31 we expect great stuff from you have a great day


@bob31 my friend, my brother, I love the look of everything, I definitely wanna follow this one, don’t really get what you are doing there though, wots the wheatgrass seeds all about ? Are they the brown round things I see at the top of some people’s grows? Cos I never knew what that was all about, so what is that all about ? I don’t wanna sound dumb but I started my seeds between damp tissue on a heat mat in a zip lock bag, then shoot, into cup and proper gator then into bigger pot in the tent, so I’d love this explained if you’re doing something different, I do wanna learn what I can