The top three problems: Too much light, too much water and too many nutrients. Why is that?


Is it that we try too hard
especially because we’re new?
Gimme a thought.

An autoflower experiment

I think it’s because we want them to grow faster so we smother them with love. Then we realize less is more and just let them grow happily.


That wouldn’t be my ‘Top Three Problem’ list if I were a beginner, it would be:

  1. pH

  2. pH

  3. over-watering


Don’t forget to mention PH


Lol…! I was going to make number 3 a tie with pH but I figured I’ve already hit the pH alarm pretty good ! :thumbsup:


You can never hit the ph alarm too much, we’ve all been there at some point lol.
Over watering is well worth a mention but ill give you that :evergreen_tree::ocean:


Say, did you mention PH. can’t forget PH…lol



Yep my problems as a beginner were

A.) PH.
C.)Over thinking EVERYTHING
But I hate the PH issue


how about environment, environment, environment?

start with temps in the right range, have good air circulation and enough light for you grow area

this is a long video, it has lots of information


But what is environment?
Believe It or Not these plants can survive without all the nutrients that we give them.
Give them less light they try harder.
Half as many nutrients they eat more.
Less water they drink more.
If you give them 100% of everything, why would they bother growing? They have everything they need right there.


I guess the point is, train your plants, but don’t train them to be something that they’re not. Just because that seed did not turn out to be what you expect you don’t have to fight with it to try to make it bushier denser, more color, flavor, and of course bag appeal.
The best way to grow is to find out from the plant what it needs.
It also makes it more fun.


That was well said and well thought out. Now, the thing is…can they do it ? The grower that’s is…we’ll most likely never know.



I can’t see such broad generalizations of less light, less nutrients and less water being all that good for a plant…I agree, find out what your plant needs, though


Oh, wait a minute…
Did I mention pH?


It’s a very broad generalization that producers put on your nutrient bottles to feed your plants. The bigger they get the more they sell.
So they will tell you to use as much as you possibly can.
Don’t. Use 65%.
Light makers do the same thing.
Unless it’s a really expensive light they want you to buy more bulbs or lights. You may not need the full intensity of your light.
Water only when they need it. Not because it’s on the schedule.
Never do all of these things all at once, but try to make the plant more comfortable.
The reason you see all of these huge plants is because these people have been usually doing it for many runs. But as a beginner, feel your plants out. Follow exactly what the experts say. But if you blindly do what they say to do and don’t think about it how will you ever know how to connect the two?
Best thing is keep a journal.
Or better yet, a big calendar.
This is an amazing visual help to remember how you screwed up, but also how you FIXED IT!


Here is an example : these are two clones that are White widow’s Auto
I mixed my own soil and these two have had no nutrients what so ever they are starting their second week of flower. " Water only Grow "



Over the last year ive had good returns from every harvest now im working on the little things that have big impact on the end result
My biggest problem was watering or should say watering before my my plants told me they need it now ive finally got that down and cut back on nutrients or using a more planed approach. …guess what im getting at is i now can keep them alive so time to fine turn for best possible crops


If you keep them alive through the whole course of their life you’ve done the job.
You have officially completed your first grow.
The fun part comes in learning from others how to tweak the plants into giving you a good harvest.
Best thing to do on the first grow is keep them alive and whatever you do DON’T PANIC!
Plants in the soil medium take a few days to die so you have a while to save them if something happens.
The good thing about Hydro is it happens right now and you can fix it right now.
The good thing about soil or coco is you have time.
I was just watching a video that @kabongster linked me with that’s pretty good. But you have to realize this guy has had many runs to figure all this out. And his knowledge can save you a lot of time. But if you can’t diagnose on your own you’ll find yourself panicking like I do and that’s not good.
Okay, kinda preachy.
Happy harvest. Aloha


Oh not at all preachy
Ive completed 6 growns autos and photos this year and each grow ive learned something so on to hydro next with two soil grows just in case lol


Good luck Bri.