The sunset is purple and gold

Let’s see if I can do this journal a little different than my last. I am going make it a point to log everyday. My last journal I only did weekly post, but this time I’m gonna try and do daily.

For this grow I am using fem seeds from ILGM. My last grow was purple haze. It was my first rewarding grow. I only have 1 seed left so I’m going to drop it. I am also going to try sunset sherbet. I have never tried this strain before so I’m gonna drop 2 of these. When I ordered the SRS from ILGM they sent me 5 gold leaf. Never had this one either so I thought what the heck let’s drop 2. So if your able to see through the blurry haze or is that just me, that makes 5 seeds that I’m gonna drop hence the title.)

I am using a new set up for this grow. I have a 603280 Vivosun tent. I have a 6in in-line exhaust from vivosun. I am using fabric planting pots. I really like the way the roots grow in the fabric pots. I am again using happy frog soil medium from Fox Farms. After this round of nutrients i am considering going to coco. As far as the nutrients goes I am using Advanced Nutrients ph perfect Sensi grow a/b and bloom a/b for my base nutrients. As far as supplements I will be using Advanced Nutrients as well and the list and feeding schedule to follow. I’m also using a humidifier and 2 six inch fans. Last but certainly not the least I am using HLG diablo quantum 350R. This joker is bright. Don’t worry I’m gonna list everything out for ya as a quick view. These 3 strains all have similar flower time. And according to ILGM they all like the same climate type.

Ph is important to the supply of the nutrients to the plants. Everything I’ve learned over the past year is that I hate/despise checking Ph levels. So my constant reading of different grow journals, reading product reviews, I decided to use happy frog soil. It’s Ph is balanced neutral. Now depending on where you look you will get veering ideas of neutral but the consensus’s that it’s between 6.3 and 6.8. That’s great for delivering nutrients to the plant but the soil is only half the battle. The other part is the water. Now most country hicks like me would just use plain ole tab water, and that makes most avid growers sick to their stomach cause you are ruining everything with that plan ole tap water. So being the crafty individual I am I got me some ph up and down and fought like an idiot for weeks to get my ph right… ugh did I say I hate ph? So during my search of the world wide thingmagig and found the answer to my prayers a base nutrient that has a ph balancing component in it. That is what I found in Sensi grow and bloom. It’s 2 parts, part A and part B. That is just the base nutrients, but there are so many more supplements to consider. And I wanted to make sure that they would not interfere with my jack pot and mess up my ph. The line up at Advanced Nutrients is some of the best. We all have our favorites and for now I’m sticking to AN. Now that I have written way to much let’s talk about how I’m gonna germinate these seeds. Now typically I would wet a paper towel and throw between 2 saucers and in 2-3 days I had spouts. Today I’m going to try something different. I’m one of these that don’t like to mess over my plant to much with transplant and the such so I am going to try and germinate in the soil. What I am going to do is put a clear glass, glass and I am going to put it over the moisten soil where I planted the seed. My hope is that the glass will act like an terrarium. The goal is to leave the glass over it while it’s a seedling. I will remove it when we get to veg stage. Something I haven’t seen much about is the placement of the seed. I am going off center and more to an edge of the pot so that I will have more room for LST. I have also read that plants grow in line with the roots. Maybe by putting the seed closer to the edge it forced the roots to grow away from that edge in the direction of the LST. Spit balling here, but I think it will help the growth of the plant. Did I leave anything out? I’m sure I did, but I will just have to post about it later.

Grow - indoors

Medium - soil

Light - hlg 350r

Nutrients - advanced nutrients Sensi grow and bloom. And supplements

Seeds - ILGM fem - sunset sherbet x2, gold leaf x2, purple haze x1

Am i leaving anything out? If so let me know.


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Nice setup, should grow some great bud!

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Ty I have a similar set up in a 3x3 with a mars hydro light, my last grow did decent, but this time I am looking for better results😊

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Set to watch! Good luck man!

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Sounds good to me. These days I’m of a mind to separate soil from fertigation. Coco coir is a great medium. You’ll need to adjust, but it can outperform soil (in terms of growth rate) once you get a feel for it.

Excited to see this current grow!


I’ve been reading up on the coco, and I’m ready to give it a go, but I have got all these nutes and I don’t want to waste it just because I want to try something new. My wife is already getting to her wits end I think cause I dropped a lot of money on this new setup. I have to be on my best behavior

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I love the write up haha.
I’m buckling in, hopefully you got voodoo juice and big bud supplements these are the two best in the research I have found.

As for the seed it shouldn’t really matter there has been seed studies in zero gravity environments and the seeds go by the magnetic pull of the earth so they will always go root down.

Nursery bags or small starter pots/ solo cups are common to avoid over watering or under watering early on and with a photo period seed are your best bet. This will work and if your paying close attention you should have success, although the potting up method is much less fool proof.

A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and wster is best to soak your seeds in for the first 20-24hr, multiple studies on this method so I do strongly recommend going with this process in the future even if you stick to your potting method.

At anytime feel free to tag me with @ Nicky
If I don’t have the answer we will find it together and I’ll be stoked because I get to learn something new.

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I would love to break in that sweet new setup for you. The HLG should really rock the buds. Nice line up too. Catch you tomorrow.

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yes along with several other goodies i found on there website.

I have not heard this but i will certainly give this a try. do you know what the ratio is for that? I am going to have to look into this more for my garden, although i don’t have to many problems in that area, i pulled roughly 11 lbs of green beans a couple weeks ago. now if i could just do that with pot…

love it!!! I love learning new things. some times @KeystoneCops, i ask the same questions over and over again… i don’t know its like learning it all over again or something… i just love to learn new things is all… I’m sure the bowl i smoked before i asked the question didn’t have anything to do with it.

1 hydrogen peroxide : 2 water I belive…

Out of likes or ide toss ya one!

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Ok well not happy with how things are looking after day one. I was hoping for more condensation on the glasses. Added more water and we will see what happens. I might end up going back to the other way i germinate using the paper towel and plates. It works. Might try what @Nicky suggest with the peroxide and water. First going to give them a few more days yet. Sadly I only have 1 purple haze, fingers crossed that it will germ. I was going to try my hand at clonking the purple haze this time and see how that goes. But now we will just have to wait and see…


Medium looks dry. Seeds definitely need mosture to germ I woildnt be scared to give them a “rain” shower.

It’s how nature does it.

Also lights fim down all if not already.
The tents sucking your pots and medium dry


go call on the lights, don’t know why i didn’t think about that. i went and dimmed it down some. Thanks!

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Yes dim not fim my bad oops

Well here we are end of day two almost and still not very happy with what I’m seeing. The one in the middle is again dry, that is the PRH, I watered it again. Temp has been better around 77degrees F. When I took this pic this afternoon it had crept back up to 82, I dimmed the lights just a smidge. There was more condensation today. I’m giving it till Sunday then I’m gonna drop some more and do it the way I know works. The pics are before I did any watering. Some might ask well why didn’t you do it the way you know works to start with, well you don’t know something isn’t going to work until you try it. I have sprouted lots of seeds this way. Ok granted it wasn’t pot seeds but the concept and method should work. There is only one way for me to know for sure and that is to try it.

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One would think a seed is a seed right? If is has been more than 5 days, take one and see if you can find the seed. See what is going on. You could also try soaking it for day to see if it sprouts.

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stay tuned i have something to share with you all.

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Way to much lighting if they haven’t even sprouted. It’s drying your medium out.

I think I got the light right now