The people's grow


Plan is to have two grow areas with a place to propagate, and mix nutes. You guys are awesome!!


That’s going to be a killer setup but going to need a lot of lighting to cover all of it.


Think I have a male here, this one looks different from the others.



Yup looks like a dude to me. Updates? And sorry about the delay. Got super behind in notifications


Update: sorry haven’t gotten the grow updated lately, came down ill for a min. Had to take out the pink haze, it was a boy. Day 16 since flip, fed the Animal, Blue Dream, and sour deisel.
2tsp Medusa’s Magic
2 tsp Gia Mania
1TBL Athena’s Aminas
2 tsp Demeter’s Destiny
2TBL Herculean Harvest
1 tsp Zeus Juice
1/2 tsp Bloom Khaos
30ml Terpinator
Ph’d to 6.3

Blue Dream(Fox Farms)
Sour Diesel(Fox Farms)
Both plants received the same feeding.
2 tsp Big Bloom
2 tsp Grow Big
2 tsp Tiger Bloom
1/2 tsp Microbe Brew
1/2 tsp Help me Kelp you
30ml Terpinator
2 tsp Cal/Mag
PH’d to 6.4
Animal plant has some nutrient burn spots to a few leaves from spraying Bloom Khaos foliar.
Sour Diesel looks very well over all.
Blue Dream looks a little sad, sadly I let it get a little under watered. It started drinking more water than I was paying attention to.(newby learning curve). It is looking a lot better now though.


the animal


Sour Diesel


Blue Dream


Group Photo


@PurpNGold74, @DoobieNoobie,


Dude you’re doing great it seems. I gotta ask what does the Terpinator do? I had to pick up calmag today and seen it in the hydro shop. But it’s kinda pricey.


It helps to bring out all the terpinenes in the plant. It is real heavy in limonene and grapefruit extracts.


Just became legal here since the law changes. Used to get it brought from Colorado. I like it, really helps bring out the smell and flavors.


Nice. One of these days I’ll try stuff like that. By one of these days I mean after I recoup from all my recent build spending lol.


I truely know, lol.


Dug this out off the back shelf today, @dbrn32, might get a kick out of this, when I first wanted to grow, went out without knowing anything about anything, and built myself a light. Did not work super great, but did work. Used 6 100 watt led floodlights.


Hell yeah!


Day 26 since flip, the three received a regular feeding, all looking well, we have flowers blooming. The Animal is really starting to stretch. Need to get my support strings in place. Did some more defoliation also. All photos are before, was too tired when finished, forgot to get pics.