The Ladies Room -- not for plants!


No S#@!T, Holy S#@T that’s awesome, free seeds from the campaign !!


That’s a really smart campaign too 'cause you can’t arrest everyone.


Yea. An I heard there is another giveaway coming up soon. The last one I got one then a week later another package in the mail. LOL I guess it was a mistake on thier end. More free seed. :metal:


I’m liking this Dana Larsen a lot, maybe she can help overgrow New York !!


I’m bleary-eyed. Night guys.


:sleeping: Goodnight


LOL I made the mistake of calling him she. It’s a guy. A really awesome guy. He used to be the editor for cannabis culture magazine. Mr. Nice guy. LOL😆


Me too! SWEET DREAMS. :sleeping:


Just stopped by to say hello haven’t seen you around
Hope all is well


Hi, @Countryboyjvd1971! Wow, it has been a while. All’s well here, just typical holiday busy. I have the whole family home for two entire weeks – they’re driving me CRAZY!!! :dizzy_face::joy::dizzy_face:

At least I’ll have a lot of catchup reading to look forward to when they finally leave! :dizzy_face:


Nice well merry Christmas Hun
And happy New Years in advance
Yeah I had a bit of catching up to do my self lol
I finally flipped to 12/12 day after Christmas
A present to my self lol
Been working doubles this week so I can’t really check on hem much since they are asleep when I get home but I did get a chance to peek before the lights went out last night and they are shooting up might need to raise light this weekend :sunglasses::slight_smile:
Anyway nice to see you


Oh, Merry Christmas, luv! And GOOD RIDDANCE to 2016!!

So, your babies will be little Christmas miracles. :unamused: I’m sure they miss you terribly, poor babies. :open_mouth:


Happy New Year! :tada::dancing_women::tophat::dancer:t2::cocktail::wine_glass::coffee:️:champagne::saxophone::trumpet::microphone::confetti_ball:


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :fireworks::tada::tada::sparkler::sparkler::tada:

Hope everyone has a very happy New year… It better be better than the last one!!!:angry:


Time to move to Canada…


Like the Beatles sang on Sgt. Pepper…“it can’t get any worse”. A good year to you too.


Happy New Years everyone…


Happy new year


I can’t believe I’ve been away for so long! I’m sorry, guys. My family is getting in the way of my hobbies lately. They’re demanding things like food.

I’m gonna try and catch up on all the new posts.

Later, babies. :sunglasses:


She lives! :slight_smile: