The Ladies Room -- not for plants!


Hey girlie I’ve been looking for your thread that you have going on with your grow , but haven’t been able to find it …:neutral_face::confused::disappointed::frowning:maybe you’re just not updating… :fearful::cry:Hmmmm



Hey there you
Hope you enjoyed the holidays hun
And don’t worry the kids go back to school soon lol
Glad to see you post updated pic of your girls when you get a chance been to long lol :joy: :v:️:+1:


I doubt your the youngest here (I’m in my mid-20s) :grin::+1:I learn something new everyday, I learn something new on every thread I read on this amazing site :v:


Just re read this thread, lol @Majiktoker your 21 your younger than me :frowning:️Lol thought I was the infant soaking up all this information :joy:


No lol I’m the infant teaching as well as soaking up all information, I’m smarter than most 21 year olds lol :smile: I’ll be 22 in July. I teach more than I learn lol granted I still do learn, and I do know alot but I’m far from knowing everything lol :smile: and i bet I’m the youngest here haha.

It’s a good thing to gap the age of knowledge though


Good s#*+ brother, I am always learning something new every day, it’s probably my positive attitude :smirk::+1: great to know a fellow 90s kid is also a moderator, it gives inspirational views! I can’t wait till I can actually start growing. For now it’s a learning curve through the roof!!! I will be up and running in several months :+1::grin:

I am being safe in NY, slowly gathering everything I need. I try to purchase with cash and keep my items separated so it’s a hard process. I wish we could just grow damnit!


I’m in New York and I just grow. So far I haven’t had any problems. Though I’m sure I’m on a list somewhere.


Hahaha you have the same feeling too someone is watching! :eyes: Naw they can’t keep track of everyone. That why u don’t bring your smart phone with you…haha keep them home your being watched from there.


I turn location services off on my iPhone


Honestly, I just don’t care. It’s decriminalized here, so I doubt they’re desperate enough to arrest a middle-aged, mom for medicinal weed. I haven’t heard of anyone having problems here in the city. People smoke out on the streets all the time now, so I’m not that worried.


C’mon. Admit you have a foil suit.


LMAO!!! That’s hilarious! :laughing:


You find the best pictures and slap em down perfectly each time kudos @Matthew420


haha, the stuff just comes to me. My brain is a little whacked I think :slight_smile:


Lol, thanks for the kind words and may i ask what kind of inspirational views, also believe me I never thought I’d get lucky to get this position and words can’t describe how thankful I am to have this position with ilgm


Join the whacked brain club, all are welcome…


Lifetime member! lol


I smoke on the streets of NYC all the time got patted down by nypd during holidays there was a robbery and I " fit the description "
Anyway they found my one hitter didn’t say a thing and let me keep it lol :wink:
Don’t tell my wife this happened she’ll be pissed :rage: lmfao :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


To quote from “Saving Pvt. Ryan”,…“lucky bastard!”


Oh for sure good thing they where looking for guns which I didn’t not have any of lol