The Ladies Room -- not for plants!


Lol a woman who likes gadgets :+1::wink:
No likes again lol


I do, I love gadgets! I didn’t even realize how much until I started this ridiculous thread! :smile::joy:


Have to head out, guys, busy day today. See y’all later.


Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: @raustin
So why I hate NYC traffic and people it’s a cluster f$&k lol
Why I love NYC where else can you be smoking a J by yourself on a park bench when 2 young tourists from Amsterdam stop and say "hello we smelled your joint been looking for something since we got here leaving tonight would you mind"
So I did what any other pot head would do I passed it on over :+1: Love this city for that reason you never know who you’ll meet
Peace out all


OMG! The traffic in the mid-fifties was excruciating today! WTF?!


A few months ago I was walking the dog through Styvesant Park and these two young, black guys are sitting on a bench smoking weed. So of course, Butters goes right to them and starts sniffing in their giant backpack they had laying on the ground.

Turns out they had a bunch of edibles in there. So I sat down and smoked with them, it was so great. :grinning: I told them about my grow and they wanted to buy an oz of my precious White Widow that I hadn’t even harvested yet! They were visiting from Texas. I love when that happens.


Nice :+1: love it


Holiday time in the city I work in the 60s on the east side so traffic yaayyyyyyy​:stuck_out_tongue::v:️️:+1:


I swear the traffic gets worse every day! I just might have to start taking the subway again.


Yeah that’s why I don’t drive in to the city much it’s a killer
I wouldn’t own a car if I lived here :-1:
Just trying to park for the day kills me lol


I just thought I’d share with everyone. Just a wierd leaf. Dunno why it curled like that. LOL. :hatched_chick:


Hey there, @Ashley,

That is weird. Maybe they were leaning on another leaf? Your baby looks beautiful though!!! How old? :baby:


I’m in the 5th week of flower. For this beautiful lady.



No pics??? I WANT PICTURES!!!


both plants the same strain and age. The tall one was put into 12/12 5wks ago. The small one just a few days ago. I guess I’m just learning trying different types of ways to grow. :grimacing::nerd_face:


For some reason I can’t see the pictures, but I’m sure they’re fabulous! Sorry, baby, my internet connection is iffy today. I’m sure everyone else can see them just fine. :kissing_heart:


Now I see them!

Wow! Beautiful! Well done, @Ashley! Brava! :clap: :clap: :clap:

How tall is the big one? It looks enormous.


Hey Ashley welcome, nice set up, what type of plants are they?


Thank you @raustin. The tall one is 4 1/2 feet tall. I got the seeds from a free seed give away. It was a campaign called overgrowcanada, they sent out free high thc in the mail to everyone an anyone.


Holy sh*t!!! LOL! That’s so great that they’re sending people free seeds!

4 1/2 feet is pretty darn tall! Really nice.