The cicle or life 1st grow&journal Gorilla Glue

Hello everyone , just finish setting up the last details of the tent , still work in progress

So it all begins

I have received my seeds today from ILGM, Blue dream ,Mk ultra and Gorilla glue

Decided to go with Gorilla glue as my first since it’s easy to grow , information found in the website,

Place your seed in a cup of water for 24-72 hours ,
The remaining unused seed place in black air tight container and place either silica or rice and put them in a dark place not to hot , fridge is fine but not the freezer, now we wait …


Prefered Climate

It has a high resistance to disease making it easy to grow outdoors-assuming your climate is right. Your best bet for growing outside is a warm and dry environment free from extreme swings in weather. With that said, Gorilla Glue seeds are an indoor growers dream!

Taste & Smell|Cheese | Earthy | Pine | Pungent | Sour | Sweet|


|Effects|Euphoric | Uplifted|
|Uses|Depression | Insomnia | Lack of appetite | Stress

1-Gorilla grow tent 2x4x7
1-Marsh hydro ts600
1-6” inline fan
1-6” circulating fan
1-Honeywell intake fan
1-mechanical timer
1-Growers edge thermometer
1-27 gall tote


I have a feeling this is gonna be a well documented and informative grow. Very nice, good job & congrats on being a pot farmer. Welcome to the forum, best of luck and check back later…

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Thank you very much my friend for checking in , yes and hopefully a successful one too , I took some time to finally come to it but I’m here trying it an I’m glad , it’s a great community
Talk to you later @LoCoRock


The following link is for the Diy hydroponic system I’m using - made 3 versions , 3rd one is the one I will try , components are basically the same just different tote sizes and Variations

  • bottom pump is not necessary but I have solar panels so electricity is not a problem, the size where to have mi tent is that why the 2x4x7 , so always make sure you make decisions according to your situation and what you’re reaching for and inform yourself well before putting any money in the line , but most importantly never give up if this is what you love.

My Nutrients(Nutes)

The chart for hydroponic
Note- (package has 2 charts one is for recirculating- hydroponic and another for drain to waist -soil-)

Normally this recommendations are too high for Mary

Alternative lower dose chart -

I decided to go with the 3 essential packet and avoid the additives for now -

Keep it simple and Add on as you become better grower

My chart -
Flora micro-Flora gro and Flora bloom

Numbers have been transformed from tsp to ml
The value of a tea spoon is 4.9 ml , with this in mind I rounded it to the nearest , remember values are for a gallon , so just multiply by the gallons you need , for me it would be -x 10, x15 or even x20 if plant need that much water
I did an alternating chart , meaning I switch amount of gallons because I plan to do from seedlings to harvest in the same tote , the bigger it gets the more water it drinks a flowering plant can drink up to 1 gallon to 1/2 a gallon a day , and that’s my reason- nutrients being waisted by doing a flat amount of gallons ,instead of adjusting as plant requires.

Remember this is a work in progres number might change depending on plant reactions

I decided to round because most of the number round under , the only the rounds up is 4.9 to 5 and that’s a .1 difference , but remember you do have to multiply for the gallons you need so that .1 does multiply as well so be careful if you have a large Rez probably over 100 gallons, this numbers start to add up , but in a smaller Rez the number doesn’t get that wild , anyhow if you have a 100 gall Rez you probably not reading this…

So not a 24 hour germination -
The seed I received are a lil on the smaller and more pale side ,- I’m not trying to advised Ill am just describing the product for reference-

  • had to put them in the sun light for better picture you don’t want to leave them for too long)

Seed Dormancy

Some viable seeds might not germinate. Many seeds have developed a dormancy (or sleep) period. Seed dormancy is a condition that prevents germination even under optimal environmental conditions. Why would it benefit seeds to not all germinate when conditions are right? In nature, staggering germination keeps some seedlings safe from possible bursts of bad weather or herbivores that might eat them. Seeds of plants that grow best in the spring have self-selected to germinate only after cold winter temperatures have passed.

For seeds to come out of dormancy, we have to break their physical or chemical dormancy factors. Seeds might have a hard or thick seed coat (physical dormancy). This can be broken by soaking or scarifying (scratching the surface) the seed. Other seeds have internal chemical or metabolic conditions that prevent germination (chemical dormancy). Factors affecting seed dormancy include the presence of certain plant hormones–notably, abscisic acid, which inhibits germination, and gibberellin, which ends seed dormancy. To break chemical dormancy, you might have to leach the seed or use cold/moist stratification or fire scarification. For example, the membrane within the seed coat of some seeds forms a barrier that is permeable to water but not to oxygen. Cold temperatures (50-59°F) allow oxygen to get into the seed, while warm temperatures prevent oxygen uptake. Cool temperatures also allow the seed to digest some of its food reserve, giving it energy. For these seeds, putting them in the refrigerator for a specific period of time allows them to gain sufficient oxygen and energy to germinate (Colorado Seed Laboratory 2009).

Steps of Seed Germination

  1. Imbibition. The seed rapidly takes up water and the seed coat swells and softens. Think of a pea seed that you have soaked–the outer seed coat becomes soft and wrinkly with water.
  2. Interim or lag phase. During this phase the seed activates its internal physiology, cells respire, and the seed starts to make proteins and metabolize its stores of food (MacKean n.d.).
  3. Radicle and root emergence. The cells start to elongate and divide, bringing the root and radicle out of the seed

If you save your seed from the year before, think about this: the life of a seed can be cut in half by an increase of just 1 percent in seed moisture or by an increase in storage temperature of just a few degrees. A simple rule of thumb is that the sum of the storage temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) and percent relative humidity should not be greater than 100.

Early Seedling Development

Dicots (Two-seed Leaves)

The primary root, called the radicle, is the first thing to emerge from the seed. The primary root anchors the plant to the ground and allows it to start absorbing water. After the root absorbs water, the shoot emerges from the seed. In dicots, the shoot has three main parts: the cotyledons (seed leaves), the section of shoot below the cotyledons (hypocotyl), and the section of shoot above the cotyledons (epicotyl). The way the shoot emerges from soil or growing media follows two main patterns. In some plants, the section of the shoot below the cotyledons elongates and forms a hook, pulling the cotyledons and the growing tip through the soil. Once it reaches the surface, it straightens and pulls the cotyledons and shoot tip of the growing seedlings into the air. For example, beans germinate this way. This is called epigeous germination. In other plants, only the section above the cotyledons expands, leaving the cotyledons underground where they soon decompose. This is called hypogeous germination. Peas, for example, germinate this way (Raven, Ray, and Eichhorn 2005).


I have full faith in this seeds , they just been stored a lil longer and their system will take a bit more to gain the sufficient energy to restart and germinate or to receive the signal that’s spring !!!

72 hours next stop ,

Meanwhile outside…

Reggie seeds -
Nature it’s the master just tossed this seeds and nature is having no problem growing this badly tossed seeds.

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Note-never scratch Mary , this is only for seed like cherry seeds peach seeds that have a hard shell this helps to get the water to the internal system faster

Holy Bat Books Randy Marsh…I don’t suppose your an accountant or an economics professor. Maybe some line of work in record keeping or perhaps a loan :shark::joy::woozy_face:


Hey @LoCoRock my man thanks for checking in , no I used to do medical insurance , and well I just thing about What would be helpful for me and other To check back on and understand, as well I have done several Diy projects and it always helps reading and informing yourself mainly understanding


I’m getting a 784.0 just reading it… LMAO


now this is a grow journal


XD It takes several tries to go trough it but , I think it starts to make sense why they behave the way they do @LoCoRock

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I’m glad that your joining the conversation, and thank you , it is pretty interesting once you start getting into the science behind it


We’re all adults but mediators will worn ya and tell you it’s still a public forum. Your new no big deal what so ever just friendly reminder. The science behind it is mind boggling, not just the plants but the lights, microscopic life, soil and environment. It’s all just too much to know, I’m telling you. LoL
It’s your 1st from journal have you grown much before. I see your gonna do hydro is that correct. Pics of the set up and light used? Did I miss it. LoL I’m smoking some PT I stole of a girl I’m chopping next weekend… the green one besides it is CS I just jarred up yesterday.


i smoked buds dried on my modem tonight


I smoked my last modem… bout caught :fire:!! :zap::zap:

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I do understand that there is PhD involve in the science, not that I don’t understand the challenge is that I was just making a joke with a funny pic - it was silly - I’m silly myself sometimes- but thank you my man , it is always important to keep your feet on the earth and stay objective , wasn’t trying to make fun of any group or lesser their status that they obtained trough years of studies …

Ufff looks ready to go to me , and yes your right I did kind of just put out a pic of the tent but lil detail , thank you will include more details shortly