The cicle or life 1st grow&journal Gorilla Glue


XD , I always enjoy learning if it makes sense and @LoCoRock is right you never want to overstep, if your just crapping on me that’s not cool but if your being constructive ,I mean thank you I don’t have to hammer that rock myself to get it.


i got flagged before. really it is embarrassing

Okay enough about all that shit… LoL

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shi* or sh@#

The seeds you through out …are they good bud, you think something around is gonna eat them so small… you could dome them for protection a Lil longer maybe… so before I asked if you grew anything else before or just 1st joirnal

Ducking sad story Jajaja , I was all getting depressed already :stuck_out_tongue: , hey but that’s awesome you guy fucking living of the crop of the land , I have spend so much money on just buying , that’s one of the reasons that help me make my decision to move into growing, any special reason why you guy grow or how you guy started @pptrsha1 ,if desires to share


Oh I’m baked, so yah… My wife is a pothead and I was gonna save money.+ I did prior enjoy some half ass gardening around the house so i got serious, miraculously found this site, bought lights and started almost 2 yrs ago. I’m just as much a student as you are…but I don’t keep them kinda records… LMAO

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No , i smoke Reggie since I’m on limited resources for my use Jajaja , so that the seeds I trew , not really worried if anything I’ll have to move or kill some sadly- Noooo Mary Im sorry … (no room)they will get bigger and I do have neighbors around so would only be able to hide a couple maybe 3 and they keep sprouting by the day it was a full baggy maybe 50 seeds Maybe more ,I don’t know what I was thinking , only the most resilient will make it and those the ones I will keep … at this point that where I’m at :frog:

Damn That’s crazy , mine it’s really similar, did some diy projects in the garden and started enjoying it and getting into it ,still working on it but as far it goes

Trying to bring some life to this dust , maybe will update later with a pic of the progress


you dont want me to get started. i babble on and on. do not get sad. you are going to do great you will have a harvest and then see that its a learning process. its fun. have fun with it.

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Oh my goodness…you’ve got a very very long way to go on that yard…lol

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Sorry for not including the Set up information earlier

1-Gorilla grow tent 2x4x7
1-Marsh hydro ts600
1-6” inline fan
1-6” carbon filter - still in bag until flower-
1-6” circulating fan
1-Honeywell intake fan
1-mechanical timer
1-Growers edge thermometer

Hydroponic system

It includes

1-27 gal tote
1-Air pump eco air 4
4 air stones - small :frowning:
1-Eco plus fix pump 185
1 - 3 inch net pots
1-Scott’s dipper system kit
1-Autopilot recycle timer
-( still need 2 power strips waiting for them , they will solve the wire issue , and back flow stop valves for power outages - 4 large air stones- and yeah that’s a plastic pot in the intake - it’s been sanitized- it’s the only thing I could find to make my Honeywell fan airtight , until I can upgrade)-

For feeding

Plug to dripper line and redirect the flow of the tank to waste , I will actually use this to water my outside plants , previously made measurements for the gallons and made marks for easy filling (5 gal,10gal,15 gal,20gal marks)
Estimated time is 2 hours to empty 20 gallons meanwhile the other dripper is able to continue to water plant with the second line of drippers

Note- be careful in the last 30 min since pump will not be fully able to pick up the water at the very bottom and the pump won’t be fully submerge so you might have to top off with water - this work a second purpose that is cleaning your medium ,pipes and tank of built up salts and mineral before your next scheduled feeding ,

Recommended topping off with water every 10 to 14 days - it might depend on the maintenance of your system , no longer then every 14 days - remember the tds of your water because thats where you want it to be after since your basically cleaning your system.

Sizing Your Top-Off Reservoir

The top-off reservoir should be sized to be equal to your total systems volume plus 10% extra. Example: If you have a 90-gallon hydroponics system or Under Current a 100-gallon top-off reservoir would be ideal.

Filling, Mixing And PH Balancing Your Top-Off Reservoir

Make sure your reservoir is clean of any debris or dust before you fill it for the first time. When filling your top-off reservoir be sure to start with the purest water possible. Using a reverse-osmosis filter will ensure you are starting with clean, low ppm water.

Constant mixing of the reservoir will keep the solution viable and consistent. Mixing can be done in two ways: either with a submersible water pump or an air pump/air diffuser.

  • Submersible Water Pump: If using a submersible water pump choose one with a GPH rating of at least double the reservoir volume (Example: Reservoir volume is 100 gallons, water pump rated to at least 200 GPH). Place the submersible water pump in the base of the reservoir or attach it to the sidewall. This will allow solution to flow in a circular pattern.
  • Air Pump/Air Diffuser: Using an air pump/air diffuser will not only mix your reservoir but it will aerate the solution as well. If you plan on using an air pump/air diffuser select an air pump that has a LPM output rating equal to at least one half the reservoir volume (Example: Reservoir volume is 100 gallons, air pump rated to at least 50 LPM). Also be sure to choose an air diffuser that is rated for the total volume of your reservoir. Our Aqua-Pore Pro diffusers and diaphragm air pumps are a great fit for aerating large reservoirs. Place the air pump up on a shelf above the water level and secure the air diffuser to the base of the reservoir. Clean or replace the air diffuser periodically to maintain performance.

When pH balancing your reservoir GO SLOW, you can always add more pH adjuster. After filling your reservoir with fresh water add your desired nutrients. Take a pH reading and determine if you need to adjust the solution UP or DOWN. The desired pH range for most hydroponics systems or the Under Current is 5.5 – 6.5. Within this pH range all macro and micronutrients are available for easy uptake by plants. Add a small amount of pH UP or DOWN, wait for the reservoir to circulate and stabilize, approximately 10-30 minutes. Take another pH reading and determine if more adjuster needs to be added. Repeat these steps until the solution reaches the desired pH range.


Thank you for sure will not give up and Will keep sharing and learning from you guys .

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:sob: Jajajaja I know and it’s just getting hotter , but slowly but surely, believe it or not this yard was Worse

It’s been 48 hours and My GG seed cracked

It’s a lil tiny so be really careful , think of it like a baby

  • your medium is one of your most important things , I ran out of budget so they are going to be several thinks that are not the best options -

My mix I had to get a really great black airy mix form the outside , not recommend cus pest and other unwanted passenger, what I did I froze my soil for 24 to make sure bugs and eggs are dead secondly left my soul sit until room temp inside a bag to avoid new insects going in , gave a good shake make sure the souls is fluffy—airy — and added a tiny layer of cinnamon powder, this dosnt kill the fungus but makes it really difficult for any fungus to tribe , so that’s my mix for now

I will make a 1/2 inch hole for my seed - make sure the soil is soft so the roots can screw easy into the soil as well don’t put pressure when covering the seed just need a gentle brush of soil to cover the top
Once you spray it with your water it be gently cover making it easy for the seed to break trough the soil and reach the light

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Make sure that your taproot goes down - or if you get confused notice that Mary has a small circle where the seed was attach to the plant ,Think of this like a crown where does a crown go ? the head so that the head of the plant or seed , never want to plant your seed upside down ,

So tap root goes down -
and if you get confused of what end is what look for the crown ( head)

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Once in a while you’ll have seeds with established tap roots get planted and they grow upside down. It’s the funniest thing ever and I’ve personally had it happen twice. I’ve seen it a number of times in here as well. Just a confused little newborn growing the wrong way. LoL congrats on the GC cracking they grow up so fast.


What no way , nooooo :open_mouth: that’s crazy that would kill this tiny seed … that’s sounds very comical actually, yeah I seen some info about them in the page , I’m glad I went with 1 plant instead of 2 in that space

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This is going to be the most in depth journal ever. I won’t lie I’ve glanced through quite a bit, mostly just the bits that were cut n paste info from ILGM. I did see something about cinnamon though??? Where did you hear this, you said it fights against fungus gnats? Maybe I oughta go back and read some More. LoL