Srtting up and growing in RDWC for first time HELP!

Hello all,

I am new to this forum. I am new to growing. This will be my first grow ever and decided to go with RDWC setup as it gets better yields than soil.

I would like to grow a batch of 6x White Widow Auto and 2x Jackpot Auto. Please help me out to get this set up any input will be greatly appreciated.


GA Grow Tent 240x120x200CM 96"x48"x80" 8x4 :


2 x California Light Works SolarXtreme 500 LED Grow Light Fixture :

These are all the parts that I maneged to find and know that I will require. I would also need a PPM&PH meter. Also rockwool for when the first roots start to sprout. I dont know what type of nutrients to use and when or how often I need to change the water from the system. Please let me know if the california lights would be okay or if you have better more energy efficient.

I have never grown before, but I am determine to get this all set up and have a succesful first grow with your inputs. I will be updating this as we go along. Looking forward to hearing feedback.

Thank you,


Hey brother, welcome to the group! :+1:t2: I would highly recommend Jacks 321 nutrients.
It consist of three part measured in grams. You’ll need a small scale. A lot of folks use it here including myself. You can use it in soil, coco, and hydro. You feed full strength from start to finish.
Part A 3.69 gr/gal
Part B 2.44 gr/gal
Epson salt 1.2 gr/gal

YouTube has info about it. It’s also about as cheap as you can buy proving that you don’t need a whole bunch of stuff to grow weed with.

If you need to get a hold of somebody, put the @ symbol in front of their name like @splixy

If you have questions ask before you do something. We may can save you some time, money and a lot of headaches.

Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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@spyonyou I will be growing auto flower. Decided to drop out on the white widow and go with +speed auto and jackpot auto. I will be getting 2 spyderfarmer es5000 led lights for the 4x8 tent. And as for the nutrients I think I will go with this: Mills Nutrients pH Flower - Nutrients & Boosters | GroWell Hydroponics

I heard massive grows can come out from here. @300g per plant :no_mouth:

I just dont quite understand the dosage of it… Because there will be so much water in the system. 8X30L = 240 LITRES! And I dont understand how often I should flush the system, or change the water. Also the water will have to be RO clean water not normal tap water, right ? I will also have to keep a lookout on the PPM and PH levels too, which ph should be in between 5.8 and 6.2 but theh PPM I dont know. Also the water has to be kept at a certain temp, which I am not sure what is, but I could control it using a chiller/ice bottles.

300 per plants pretty good. Last grow was 394 for one plant using Jacks.


The larger the reservoir, the easier it is to keep nutrients and PH in check. I change water ever 10ish days
I have 22 gal for two plants. Runs pretty flawless. Lots of grow methods and lots of nutrients out there, you just have to find what works best for you and your growing style.

I’ve seen where water bottles are a pain in the neck. I’ve seen folks complain about them, but!, I also know some that have grown successfully with them.

I chose the chiller route simply so I wouldn’t have to tend to my plants every day.
I keep my chiller set on 68 and leave it.
Some can get away with temps above 72ish, again, personal preference to not have to worry about another possible issue.

Good luck!
Keep us posted and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

Wow that looks amazing! 394g is awesome and the jacks nutes are cheaper. I will invest in a chiller and try to keep the temp at 68 degrees. I am just not sure how much nutes I should use for my system. Its 8 x 30L buckets… And for the drain and change of water, do you use a pump to take all water out, and would a clean be required on each bucket after each drain ? Will the water also have to be Reverse Osmosis/Filtered water or will tap water work just as well ? Thank you for your support!

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I’m not sure of the nute brand but would be will to bet they have a schedule on their website.
Unlike Jacks, most nute brands say to start out at about 1/4 strength and go from there.
Jacks is full strength, start to finish.

I’m fortunate enough to have a sink near my grow, so water changes are a breeze. I would just use the pump you have hooked up to your system and pump it into totes and then refill the same way

It’s important to know what your tap ppm’s and PH are. I use my tap water. It runs about 65 ppm’s and a PH of about 7.0. Some run their tap and it’s over 200 which you have to take into consideration.

Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

@spyonyou @splixy . This is my concern. First time growing, and he wants to go big with RDWC. Honestly, I think he will be overwelled with way too many plants. Maybe start with 2 or 3 at the most.

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I decided to take on your advice. I have chosen to go with 4 pots and a 4x4 tent. The initial investment is a lot lower too. Could not find the jacks 321. This is my complete grow setup:

Would this setup work, do you guys have any other reccommendations ?


Do you have air stones and an air pump?
Clip on fans?

Hello Mate,

Yea they are in my basket. The 4 bucket rdwc has it all. Take a look for yourself. I dont know if I should invest in a RO filter.

These would be the rest of the parts :


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Do you think I can start already by putting the seeds in a cup of water in the dark so that they can sprout ?

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I would set everything up and run it for a day or two and check temps and everything. May not be necessary, but wouldn’t hurt. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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Trial run on ALL equipment to be used, is always my game plan. Hate to kill the girls because of a mechanical failure or break down. Give the whole system a good test run be you do anything with those plants.

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@splixy Add some PH up & down to your cart.

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Definitely. You sure don’t want to be 6 weeks in and still trying to deal with a dripping/leaking connection…


Okay, I have ordered the parts. I don’t know whether I should have added a water filtration kit or just run with tap water. We will need to see the ppm levels of my water. What yields can we aim and hit from this grow, 4 plants under 650w ?

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I am a bit stuck, I have not yet decided on which system to invest in. Which one do you think will be best?


the second option provides some sort of sprinkler, seems more advanced and no need for air bubbler I guess.

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Just a word of caution, be careful about posting links other than Amazon and YT. I personally can’t tell you what is acceptable and what’s not. They may be ok.

Im not that familiar with that rdwc system. Maybe @PharmerBob can help you with choosing the right one.

I built mine with HomeDepot Aquapontic parts, Amazon parts and Tractor Supply parts. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

@spyonyou @splixy , That’s what I did too. Gathered my own parts, & built mine. The milk crate shows the space where my portable AC unit sits. I could switch or flip this floor plan for my 3’ x 5’ x 7’ tent & shorten the 2" PVC between the union & the caterpillar, but then it would be a lil harder to service anything because of how the door opens. If I leave everything how it is, then I just unzip my door 1/2 way & I’m good. Also, the rest of my stuff just arrived today from Gary at PAH. Bought some 2" x 4" air stones & the water level kits. First kit is $8.99 and if you buy 2, then the 2nd kit is 1/2 off. OK… sign me up for 2!!

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Hey that’s wonderful brother! Soon as you get it all put together, if you do journal, be sure and tag me… :+1:

I had the 2x4 air stones and they don’t put out near the air that the 2x2 stones (round or square) does. I got 2x2 round stones this time and love them.

If you use that blue tube, one; they will for grow algae after using them for a while (if you don’t keep them clean), and two; another possible place for a water leak (but probably be ok).

I use a piece of aluminum that sits down on the inside of my reservoir. I have a mark that shows two inches below the netpot and then marks every 2" below that which stands for 2 gal of water, at least for my system.

Come to think about it, you really shouldn’t need the tubes, especially since you are able to open the lids to your buckets. Good luck! :+1: :v: :sunglasses:

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