Srtting up and growing in RDWC for first time HELP!

Yes always use protected black tubes, or insulate them with tin foil. I dont think it will be cheaper to build my own, how much did your setups cost ?

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Updates update!

Most of the items have arrived, I am still waiting for the rdwc system to arrive. I won’t be building one, seems like too much hassle. I just spent 6 hrs setting up this tent and wow, I never have seen such bright blinding light, it’s like Jesus was summoning in that tent . What are the starting steps, should I just drop the seeds in a glass of water and leave overnight?

I also bought the rockwool and root riot cubes and I have the clonex mist to go with it.

Also ppm of my tap water is 420. :open_mouth:

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I have been putting my seedlings under 200w led at 1.5 meters away and letting them in the sun. The jackpot auto seems to be struggling and has formed some deficiencies on the leaves. I don’t know what’s wrong with them but the speed + auto from sweet seeds is doing great. Should I be using any nutes at this point ?

The mills vitalize and start were advertises can be used from seedlings.

Please advise if this is normal or what should I do?