Soil question for excited newbie

Hello family excited newbie. I have prematurely bought light warrior soil and ocean forest. Ok so going to sprout in light warrior, when babies outgrow first home is it ok to transplant in only ocean forest. I have been discouraged from the heat of ocean forest for seedlings.


Welcome to the community ! sounds like a good plan you’ll be fine.With the ocean forest soil you will not need to feed anything for several weeks.


Ues ull be good with either to start. Of is a bit hott but nothing bad enough it ytashes plants ive grown out alot of autos and photos start to finish in ffof with minimal issuse in the first week or 2 thats all. Only seems to burn the cotys a bit and not much more. Jave fun expdriment a little bit with these girls they r alot hardier than most think and hear. I more worry about overwatering a plant before i do about the soil being too hott. If u dont blast the plant with water while small ot only lets out so much nuyes into the soil. Give water as needed and itll b ok.

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Awesome so for absolute clarity. So sprout light warrior, 2 maybe 3 weeks later straight into ocean forest.


Thanks much love.

@37 I take my healthy seedlings from starter cups straight to fabric pots with ocean Forest soil.


My current grow was done exactly like @kellydans and they transitioned perfectly.

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Those girls are beautiful. Im in love :heart_eyes:with them

If you leave seedlings in light warrior too long growth will stall out because of lack of nutrients in the light warrior. If you use light warrior you should transplant shortly after they come up.

Better yet, use ocean forest in the bottom 2/3 of starter pot with light warrior on top. That way, once the seedling starts growing the roots will reach the ocean forest and thrive and you won’t have to worry about timing,

Really appreciate everybody input its all learning tools and lessons for me. Thanks so much.


You’re going to enjoy being around here. Read read read.

Support is always awesome.

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Very new to growing this will be my first time. The question I have is, can I start my seeds after soaking the seeds and ready to put into soil, can that soil just be Fox Farm ocean soil by itself?
Thanks so much for your time!

It would usually be recommended to avoid Ocean Forest in favor of Happy Frog as ocean can be to hot and give seedlings a hard time. I’ve never germinated in Ocean.

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Thank you so much for setting me in the right direction, I will purchase some today.
My starting date by law would be on 1 July, so I am doing alot of reading until then.
My new grow tent was the 4x4 Mars Hydro kit with led light and I am planning to use the five gallon fiber bags that came in the kit. I have Fox Farm Ocean for the final pot to grow in. I am using grand daddy purple auto flower seeds.I will take your advice on the germination soil. Do you have a size for the germination pot to start out in? Also I read in this thread that you could put The Fox Farm Ocean soil in the lower half of the germination pot and the frog on the top so the seedlings roots would grow to it and slowly, what do you think?
Once again thank you for your time!

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Did you already get your tent and everything else?

I’ve had success using Happy Frog in solo cups to germ then my pot is cooked completely with Ocean. Works great for me so far.

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Yes my grow tent and all is in place, just need to finish up with a few items, snips, humidity meter, up and down for ph, little microscope and another little clamp on fan. I will order this month or pickup soon. I got the soil a bit ago (happy frog ), thanks! I just sterilized some small plastic pots that tomato and pepper plants came in, for germination to seedling to transplant in, they are 19.3 fl.oz. hope this is ok or I will try toget something bigger if you all suggest.
Thank you for your time!

So you going by the letter of the law? Smart.

I’m in a state that just legalized but according to another member, we are not ok to grow until a certain amount of time after the first dispensary opens.

I can’t wait that long so… :notes:Breaking the law breaking the law :notes:

LOL, we are to go live 7/1/21, however the dispensary has been open since a week before Thanksgiving. However very few items with a hefty price tag! I am very ready to start, however the more I read the better I feel with this company’s professionalism and the kindness of the people on the forum.
Thanks from your time and response!

I used the fox farms soil after germination and within 24 hours they sprouted. 36 hours and they are already about an inch in height. I follow hellraisers journal to the letter and have had success so far. Good Luck

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