Soil question for excited newbie

Thanks for your time! Florida my dream state, Venice Florida is my hopeful next address, my son just moved there and works at Sarasota hospital in the ICU covid ward.
I see that you went from germination to FFOcean, have you had any nutrient burn? I will be using and bought the happy frog as suggested to get thru the seedling stage. What are you growing now? I am going to try Granddaddy Purple auto, on my first grow. Please keep your progress coming, I am very interested on a grow to follow along. Thanks again for your time! May your grow go well!

Hello i wish i could help you with this one but i started my babies in fox farm light warrior. They are doing ok. I can compare from my perspective. My girls are growing steady and smooth pace. What i have notice with fox farm ocean forest and happy frog from observation is it speeds up there growth during seedling stage its like steroids for seedlings. Some say fast growth is not important for seedling stage, health trumps it big time. I can say this i have seen enormous amount of people have success with ffof and ffhf. I was taught over watering is the most dangerous along with improper ph balance. Those things are most dangerous that is a fact because i made both mistakes recently as 4 weeks ago. Im not a big time expert but experience along with a dose of advice is the best teacher. So try ffof or ffhp i think both would work im using one of the 2 next .

This is the mix I have written down for when I started my seedling in cell pots.
I also threw my beans right into the soil.

Picture is day 2 of sprout. Hope it helps feel free to ask me questions.

Thank you all for your time and discussion about the soils, I have zero experience with either the FFOF or FFHF. I played with a bag seed last year and with using miracle grow in a 5 gallon home depot bucket managed to get growth until I saw that it was a Male then trashed it. I wrote down your recipe for the soil mix, thank you so much! I am going to use FFHF for seedling with just severing spoon of FFOF in the bottom. I bought 2 bags of FFOF and a bag of FFHF so might as well go in that direction. My start date is 7/1/21 so learnings from everyone is wonderful!
Thank you for your time!

Florida isn’t as great as it seems. Laws there are harsh, I am back and forth from Florida to a grow-friendly state, I wouldn’t dare chance growing here in Florida. I am growing zkittles in Fox farms happy frog. I germinated in distilled water for 24 hours. I put the cup in my microwave (off of course), it’s warm and dark in there. In 24 Hours I had a tap root on all three I germinated. My RH is 35-40 and my temp has been 79-81 degrees in the tent.

Thank you for your time! I have written down your spec’s and If you have time I will keep a log sorta to go by when I start.
I saw Florida has some rather harsh laws as you said, I am a medical patient and I was checking out the prices in your despensaries are great compared to us. We only have cartridges and a few extracts, no flower.
Thank you

Your welcome. This is my first grow so I am experimenting with a little of everything. I have been following Hellraisers grow journal and have had a lot of success so far. I got my second set of leaves today! Sadly I have to go back to Florida for a few days so I have let them in good hands.

I germinated in straight up soil. Gasp. Though it’s not recommend and your lazy it can be done. It is the natural way after all.

If you do that make sure you have a humidity dome and tray. Cell pots I used 3inch.
Because keeping the relative humidity as high as 70% and above 65% constantly can be a challenge.
You need high humidity for germination and keep your temps I’d say around 75%.
My room temp was between 70-77f
Soil temps were around 68f at the surface
If they come up stretching increase your light output until they stay a stable height with out more stretching.