Sick plant help a girl out

I myself hardly ever get above 45%rh. I have great success low like that. I adjust watering because dry faster but thats about it. I just keep temps up a bit. Just what has been working for me. I fought rh and let it win. More than 1 way to skin a rabbit.


Black and Blue3x, Power Glue, Original grape 482x, Nitro Lemon Haze2x, Big Bud Still little worrried about there growths. The big one looks droopy. Dont want to over water it.

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@DRsDank Did they grow slow cause mine dont seem to be. I think maybe the roots are being established.

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Yes and no. Yes 4 and a half months seed to harvest. Have a friend that keeps everything perfect as far as Heat and humidity. He gets same results seed to harvest in 3 and a half to 4 months.

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Thanks for all your help I have had 3 males and 1 stunted leaving me with 3. 2 males wiped out the super glue strain. So just have original grape 48 f4 and black and blue. But there growing.