Show and Tell weekly pics


@Lostscuba that gsc is kept under an led light I made. I have a mix of diy lighting, cfl, led and just added 400w hps 2 weeks ago. But I have kept that one gsc under led, it gets light from hps now as well must its mostly led for that girl.

That her kinda centered in pic against the wall. She has her own light lol

Last pic shows the hps I made too, its a funny looking reflector, but it works great.


All in soil. The Kilimanjaro hasnt been dropped to germ yet but will soon. Its the one i wanna make a state plant off of. If it can live in Africa, it should thrive here


Haha frankenlights. Well done n hella effective


:rofl: hahaha ya, its a mixed up bunch but it works lol after a few good runs I will get new lights tho…just love making my own stuff tho lol
Definetely glad I put a 400w HPS in tho, I was already 5 weeks into flower but its been in there just over 2 weeks now and the difference is very noticable on the lower buds for sure, they are doing much better :grin:


Yup. Going cheap can get it dun. But high intensity is worth every penny. My first yield off 4-5 9w cfls and leds yielded me around 20-30 grams. Im sure i have some colas who will knock that out the park


I am running 22 cfl bulbs at 23watts each in there and 22 LED bulbs at 9-10 watts each plus the 400watt HPS now. Definately gets the job done
Then I also have 2 other smaller units, one unit for rooted clones and vegging ladys with LED and other unit (converted 18cubicfoot fridge) for clone bubbler and veg with CFL’s


Dam man I wish I had room like that those are some good looking plants :seedling: how do u get one bring cola like that it’s crazy do u top it or just let it grow


This is what my morning looks like I’m using 600 watt mh hps I use mh for veg and hps for budding but this pics is a 1000watt led from amazon


Those are mothers veggin. Guys I keep watching hydroponic videos this one this guy fills up to the first square on the net pod in hydroponic and he’s just placing clones and lava rocks to hole them up is this how in water or is this just another way older way It’s the sea of volume 3 hydroponic cultivaton. @Liljoe. @peachfuzz


Yes that will work also… :wink:



But you don’t have to do it that way is it because there different ways to do it


The only way hes able to do that is because hes pumping air into the tray… other wise they would drown… :wink:



Ok so that my bubbler is bubbling underneath the lid I don’t have to do it ?


That is adding air :+1:t5:


Ok thanks guys it’s getting clearer now I’ve just been wAtching hours and hours of hydroponic stuff on YouTube. The best one is the discover channel one probably watch it 100 times already


I was looking back at my other account on here and my afgan are third generation this wAs the first afgan and my second light t5


Nice. Love seeing the next generation flourish


The GSC under the LED in pic is not topped, it is trained in this method

I tied along outside edge of pot in circle pattern, basically made o hoop with the stock about 2 or 3 inches above pot until the top came back around to the base.


That’s the mother got about 12 of her baby’s she’s been smoked here’s 2 of her baby’s in my bud room

got bunch around my favourite these are the original


Gotcha. Thats my next goal. Cloning a couple generations deep n back crossing. Need my male to reveg n keep his :peanuts: in his pants