Show and Tell weekly pics


Lol yea for sure They are ugly looking


@dbrn32 here l I’ll ask u on my forum this is the light. Phlizon Newest 1200W High Power Series Plant LED Grow Light,with Thermometer Humidity Monitor,with Adjustable Rope,Double Chips Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Indoor Plant


You already asked me about that light, and I already answered. Asking me continually isn’t going to change your lights capabilities. If you are happy with it don’t replace it.


No I need a bigger one is what I’m saying I gotta put the 3 bubblers under it plus those


So you want lights for an 8x10 space? Give me something to work with please and I’ll be happy to help.


Yes it’s 8.feet across 10 feet long


For veg flower or both?


I would like both


Of the led lights I would recommend, cheapest one is like $740 and you would have to assemble yourself at that price. It’s good for up to 20 square feet, so you would need like 4 of them. Hlg-600 kit available at growers lights. If you’re looking for more budget friendly, air cooled 1000 watt hps are a few hundred each, youd need 4 of those too.


CherryPie is baking nicely


Ok thank you now I know what I gotta get sorry for bugging :ant:


Nice how old is she nice and green just going into flower ?


Thank you. She was flipped on Xmas day


Unfortunately I took some bad advice and culled too many tops. Now that I’ve spread her out I should have left her alone. :smirk:


Still looks good nice green I like to top my to well there younger get clones and bud it good stuff tho. What the little one


I was checking my plants out I seen this stuff looks like dandruff on the leaves any idea or is it just dust


@Lostscuba you can link your original post to here. The picture you posted would be helpful. Pretty sure garrigan65 asked for a better picture. He can’t help you more if you don’t get a better picture.


When you water do you water/feed under the leafs or do you water over the leafs… reason I ask is because if you water over the Leafs then it could be remnants of nutrients dried up on your leafs.

Try giving your plant a spray with fresh water. In future don’t water/feed over the leafs, go under because anything that blocks your leafs will affect their uptake of energy from lights.

A layer of dust (or whatever) on the leafs of your plants will block sunlight and reduce the plant’s ability to photosynthesize. Photosynthesis is how the plant feeds itself.


Not at home will when I get there I spray every once and while mostly water the dirt


The little one is the big one… you asked how old it was. The pic of little one has the seedling date.

Be sure to show a pic for the boys above, they have years of experience I’ve got one grow. You can read everything but having hands on expertise is the key to who you get your advice from.

I’ll throw ideas out there but you wanna be listening to mentors like @garrigan65 @MattyBear @Hogmaster @dbrn32 … and others I’m sure I didn’t mention