Show and Tell weekly pics


Do you know how to make your own seeds I think I gonna try this summer


Afghan Hash 100%

Red Diesel x Afghan Hash

All done about 3 weeks ago. :grin::grin::grin:

U see how swollen the calyx are? N if u want i can show u preg vs not preg on same bush. The preg are swollen. The nonpreg are FROSTY. They definitely take priority from thc production to make seeds


Ok how is it done two clones in a room with a male ?? So it’s seed in side thos little things and the plant pushes em out


Pollen hits the pistils. N they brown early and recede a bit. Then the calyx swells. As bud grows its gon swell, seeded or not. But at the age they plumpd its safe to say they knockd up.

I tried to get both of these. Both taken this morning same plant. I think the first got it too because of the pistils (n the rest of the plant has white pistils) but the calyx r not swollen.

I grew a male. N my females. Seperated the male in a fishtank against the wall. VERY CAREFULLY. Then i bagged his pollenheavy limbs. And put the bag on the buds i wantd inseminated. Shook em up. Left for a day. Then remove and spray with a water bottle. (Water kills pollen, dont wanna knock up the whole plant. Just targetd branches)


Lol even marry Jane has a baby daddy I get it though u shake it over the areas u want to infect pretty easy enough your good teacher


I got some afgan reg had it sense the summer I took clones in had them ever sense it’s my favourite third generation can’t go no more right ??


Clones can go as far as u keep cloning. I believe @peachfuzz has gon to 6 gens? And yup. Its that simple. Just gotta be careful with the boys. They’ll knock up ur whole room


Yea I don’t want that at all save it for a summer thing I just got reg hash passion seeds it’s funny how u picked those two strains to show me definitely trying it out thanks for that little lesson


I actually dusted a branch off a RD girl, the AH girl l, n my Purple Train lady. Problem is all her buds are swollen. Cant tell which i knockd. Lol. Plus it was hit or miss. I left the bags on the male like a week n his branches started to wilt. Obviously the pollen was still somewhat viable. This is only my second grow. So dont give me too much credit. Tons of research n an affinity for scientific processes and here we are. Next round i wanna keep the stickiness (most afghan) and the funkiest (most diesel) i can grow. And go again! :joy::joy: plus im late dropping my Kilimanjaro’s. They are from Africa. And i live in Mississippi. Want to get one hit with some kinda dust and breed for my climate.


So here’s some pics of two different strains I’m running at the moment…
Really 3 different strains , but this is just a pic of 2 of them side by side… in rdwc … same nutrients , temps and everything in between… lol
3 weeks and 4 days since light flip to 12/12 … :wink:

The bud on the right is the cali fruity kush…
The bud on the left is a cross that happened in my flower room… I’m pretty sure it’s a cross with an ilgm white widow and something else that was in there… :grin:



That would drive me crazy. Only boy allowed in the room is AH. If i get a self poll… id deny it to the end! :joy::joy:

But bout the clones. Have u took the a couple generations?


Yea these ones are from these mothers so they are third generation but the moms were 10 feet tall ) these are the clones and seeds


Lol fuged that up bottom is mother top is the clones and Bangie haze but I loved it so much I brought her in so far so good got one that grew way faster then the rest I put it in the bud room


Looks good tho u breeding them or for smoke. Here the sisters

I don’t know what’s up with this plant ph at 5.5 again red 2 weeks


Overwatering… is what I’m seeing… in the last pic… :wink:
Stop doing that… :wink:



I let them dry right out ph in that one been goofy I’ll stop watering I thought it’s was because of no nutes


Im growing for smoking. Ima pothead. Dont plan on selling a gram. Buuuuut. If my state legalizes. I want the market. Humidity n heat…

N she do look hungry or rootbound… might b overwatering :man_shrugging:t5:


I just lookd at ur development n time. N hate u n ur hydro rn :joy::joy:


All those are in promix or poting soil what one u talking about @PurpNGold74


That pic I just try to flush it I had it up to take ph levels she been like that for while crystal on her tho so I’ll have to dry her out there all the same age besides the sisters I don’t sell shit just clones to friends :woozy_face: