Seeds in Rockwool

Lol. Blonde. She’s blonde. Not blind. Don’t text and video game, folks.


Too soon for anything usable. Fan leaves usually don’t have much thc in them.

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I figured “not much” is perfectly acceptable for making a nice low dose edible recipe- you know, Granny’s chocolate chip cookies with a little extra kick. :rofl: but maturity was certainly my wonder - if I need to wait for trichomes to be appearing on the buds, then I’m a long way from having a reasonable amount of any trim to use for low dosing.

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More evidence that LT Jr is a lady. Thank goodness. I’m now going to be drowning in Lemon Tree bud. Also she’s looking awfully pale compared to the other two - but has the same nutrients as Gelato. I’m afraid to supplement her with more nitrogen because Gelato is looking so dark already. Is there a good way to make a foliar feed to get LT Jr some extra nitrogen to get her into flower?

Gelato plugging away

And a shot of all the ladies!

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I don’t recommend foliar feeding unless there’s a need for pest control. Nitrogen is best added to nutrients for root uptake.


Can you think of a good way to add N to LT’s roots without compromising Gelato? They share the same reservoir water.

Negative. You’ll have to give it to both. The hazards of multiple strains on the same reservoir. Up to you how much is too much, but I don’t cater to one plant either in soil. Sometimes I get this too. The important thing is, you understand what’s happening with your plants.


Yeah, I’m willing to risk toxicity on the Gelato. It’s small and won’t be producing much. The real problem is that I threw a photoperiod in with the auto who was way further along in the flowering process :see_no_evil: lesson learned there, for sure.

Absolutely. It’s been a weird road to get here but I feel pretty good reading the basic deficiencies. Couldn’t have done it without all of your and everyone’s help along the way.

PS - I’m just perpetually out of Likes. I need to surrender and make :sparkling_heart: my standard signature.


It’s likely that if you were to attempt using only fan leaves to make edibles you’d get an unnoticeable (if even any) high And it would taste so much like hemp / cannabis that it wouldn’t be enjoyable to eat on top of not getting you high.


I’m aiming to use fans, sugar leaves and sad larf, I hope.

You’ll be happier without the fans for taste. Dry the fans and run them through a coffee grinder to put into pills maybe. But you’ll be surprised how bitter fan leaves make things.


Noted - no fans cuz they taste awful. Haha. Capsules sounds smart. I may do that. Thanks!

Then you at least can enjoy the nutritional value of the cannabis without having to taste it

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I finally got my Likes back. :sweat_smile:

I lost my TDS and PH pens for a solid 14 hours - they were in the 4x4 under the Lemon Tree Jr canopy. :skull:

I transplanted the Lemon Tree clones that we’re getting root bound into 1gal fabric pots, and slapped the autos in their forever homes (3 gal fabric pots). But the Auto GDPxGumberry and the second Alpujarreña don’t look promising. It’s all I can do to let them hang out in the lower light areas where the humidity is a little higher. Wish I took some pics this morning - they’re crisping like the White OG did. No idea why other than just funky genetics, since the other eight hundred plants in that tent are having a great time growing bigger than they’re supposed to in record time.

I do need to get some fans in there to create some stem-strengthening wind.

I got a macro lens to check my trichomes - I tested it out on Gelato knowing full well she’s got a good 4-6 weeks to go (I think?). It’s a stellar lens.

I feel like I might really need to defoliate Lemon Tree soon. I’m just not sure how much of a haircut to give. Most of everything? Just everything on the lower 1/3rd and the site-blocking fans?

I also want to attempt to reveg her after chop, so should I be sure to leave myself some larfy crap on the bottom 1/3rd for re-vegging?

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Awesome photos. What lens did you get?

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Thank you!

I snagged This macro lens from Amazon - I saw a few others but they were upwards of $45 and included wide angles and fisheyes, which I can’t see a practical use for. It took a bit of figuring to get it clipped onto the right lens on my phone, but works like a charm!

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Well… added that to the cart

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The sweetest words one can hear:

I’m pumped. These guys are up in Colorado, so I should have a legitimate water chiller by Monday, if not sooner. Good news for me, my res is 73° right now and I’m an hour from getting home to swap frozen jugs. :grimacing:

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Update time for both tents. I’m up early and have a late start (how often does that hallen? Whew!)

I switched them all from 6/2 lighting to 18/6. It was becoming difficult to work on them while I’m available because it was unpredictable when the lights were going to be on. (I thought it should be approx the same schedule every day, but my interval timer has different plans)

I migrated most of the ladies to new homes. I e got a couple little ones still in Solos and idk. I don’t want to grow out all my Lemon Tree clones so I may just leave the ones in the solos where they’re at for now. The only problem is roots are poking out my bottoms. Hmm.

These guys are sharing a 3gal pot, I figure if they actually make it, I can train them to opposite sides of the pot. More realistically, I think Alpu will survive if either of them do.

Alpu who started in soil is going hard.

Urkle, LT Clone (soil edition) in 1 gal pots, and the others (including white og, who I thought was a goner!)

I had Pests at some point (in the compost I used, unsurprisingly but also annoyingly). Everyone has been getting a regimen of Captain Jack’s. Out of neem oil, will be ordering more.

Not much by way of roots yet.

I can see they’re heat stressed, it’s time to get a fan in here. Need another power strip and some fans.

Also oops! Still lights out in the 4x4, I’ll update those in an hour.

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In the 4x4 I moved Gelato and LT Jr so LT Has some more space.

LT J is a beast.

A lopsided beast

Gelato is tiny but perfect. Okay. She needs some leaves trimmed but otherwise.

Lemon Tree has some pistils that are starting to turn - seems strange cuz I know she’s nowhere near ready. Can tent temps cause premature browning or is this just life cycle stuff? It’s 76° with lights off and gets to around 88° lights on. RH is about 37-40% all the time.

She frosted up literally overnight after I fed her last night.

What on earth can I even do to tame this beast at this stage? I can’t set up a net/pvc rig because she still gets moved to be watered.