Seedlings, watering frequency

They are 8 days above ground today i’ve been very leary about their watering schedule. Guys can you give me an amount in milliliters it’s been difficultto gauge if its water they crave or it’s not enough. What is the max amount you guys are averaging again ml wide please @The_Chef @Graysin or anyone that can help,i’ld appreciate all the help i can get.
@Graysin i have been using the photon app as you suggested, placing plants at 15 dli placement. Does it matter if the light is really close height wise but making sure with the help of the dimmer and the photon app its no more than 15 dli ? Will it affect the plants :potted_plant:?

Oh I’m not a good source for this. I water once with around 8 ounces and then wait til the cup is light-ish again - then add 2-4 ounces. Rinse and repeat til the plant is big enough to need a bigger pot.

I have not drowned a seedling yet. I have lost them to under-watering.


Doesn’t matter really. The closer the light, the more heat they will feel. The farther away, the less direct the heat from the LED fixture will be.

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Whats your tell tale sign that they are mature enough to be transplanted to their final pot. One or two of of them i believe are having issues growing properly and thats because i had 3 in peat pellets and 3 in the root plugs. From the plugs and pellets i put them into 6"pots which i regret because they arent roomy to transfer comfortably with enough room for the roots to expand. I feel like they aren’t growing optimally 2 of them are particularly small compared to all the others.

I use a 2 oz. syringe filled with ph’ed water. I put my soil in my pots and completely soak it down and let them set while germinating seeds. I pull soil out of the pots and put it in solo cups and set the cups in the pots in the preformed holes. When the seeds pop they go in the cups that are already in the pots and get 1 oz. of ph’ed water every other day for 1 week. Then they get 2 oz. every other day. These ATF’s took off like rockets and got transplanted at two weeks from helmet head sprouts. Normal is three weeks for photos. I never transplant autos. Autos go into there life long grow pots from the start. When I transplant I pull the solo cups and sprinkle mycorrhizae in the preformed hole pop the plants in the hole and water in with 2 oz. of ph’ed water. Then move to 1 pint waterings every other day or as needed. There 4 weeks old now and are getting a half gallon each every 3 to 4 days.

Day 1

6 days

14 days, transplant

30 days


@Blastfact yeah thanks buddy that helps me so much. I was definitely being extremely conservative with the amount of water they have been recieving. Now i know for sure it was lack of H2O They were droppy at times!

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Solo cups probably would have been better to start in. Once your leaves start hanging over those 6" pots that’s usually a sign they are ready.


Yeah they are definitely close to touching the edges. Most of them anyways!. Yesterday i tipped over one of my seedlings pot and soil all over the grow tents floor. Only good thing was i got to see all the roots it developed. I put it back in its pot and now she looks sort of sad and the runt of the liter is the only runt any more! Arghhh!! I was almost crying :laughing::rofl:

This was yesterday today they are much bigger. They are sleeping right about now but i think im turning the lights on early to water them. Thats more important than sleep right about now! They are terribly thristy!! :pensive:

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When the leaves are as broad as the edges of the pot, they’re ready to go home.

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I switched up to a 5 gallon for the only one that was getting bigger that its vessel. Its begging to look and feel real now. How does she look so far?

I think this one isn’t going to make it!


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That one in the back didn’t like the fan so much she has a bit of wind damage! :flushed:

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@SilvaBack203 ajude-me, por favor, Estou perdido! :pensive:

@The_Chef @Graysin @Blastfact @SilvaBack203 can she bounce back ? I dropped her and i planted her back into her 6" pot. She doesn’t look good to me at all. She’s looks a bit worse today. Please help me do whats best ! Much appreciated

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Post a pic.

Edit: never mind lol

Doesn’t look bad to me. You’ll know in a few days. As of now she looks fine

@The_Chef so nothing special to get her perky again she’s worse today. I just didn’t want to turn on the lights i just turned them of 40 minutes ago. And i see the growth spurts they have when in the dark. Im hoping she revives. Thx for your time buddy

We need data points here. What soil are you using, what are your temps and humidity, what light are you using, whats the light cycle? Are they photos or autos, what strain? Everybody is playing pin the tail on the donkey right now.

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Im using ocean. Tenps stay @ 73 lights out and 78 off. Humidity around mid 70’s to 80’s range. Using scorpion diablo schedule 18/6. All autos. Girl scout cookies, Gorilla Glue and David Banner. Thanks!im using the photon app dli 15