Rugar's World: 2017/2018 Winter Grow


3’x3’x6’ Vivosun Grow Tent
6" Hurricane 435 CFM Exhaust Fan
6" Vivosun Carbon Filter (to be installed just before flowering)
6" Vivosun 240 CFM Intake Booster Fan
Mars Reflector 192 960W LED (400 True Watts) for 44 1/2 watts per SF.
2 6" Clip-On Fans
1 9" floor Fan.
PVC SCROG frame to be built in the next few weeks.
Milwaukee 802 PH/PPM Meter
Cheap Humidifier (to be removed before adding Carbon Filter :wink:)
Fox Farms Happy Frog and Ocean Forest
5 gallon Fabric Pots
Fox Farms Trio
Nectar For The Gods
Haven’t decided which plant is getting what yet.

The two Stars of the Show:
1 Chocolope which will be put into full bondage early on to hopefully fill every square inch of the SCROG net.
1 Blueberry Auto which will eventually be kicked out of the tent and thrown outdoors for a Calif. Winter outside grow.

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Blue haze just how big is this plant supposed to get?

Keen to follow @Rugar89 u planning on doing any topping?


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Topping, fimming, twisting, bending… bondage :smirk:


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11/8/17 It all begins
Dropped 1 Chocolope and 1 Blueberry Auto into two separate glasses with luke warm water straight from the tap.
Sat the glasses in the bottom of the tent with the system shut down. Checked on them 24hrs later, and both seeds had sunk.

Placed each seed in a wet paper towel on small glass saucers, and put them in a closet directly across from the wall heater. Next morning misted paper towels with a spray bottle before leaving for work. Misted again that evening. This morning, 36hrs after placing in towels, both had a small tap root. Misted again with spray bottle. This evening 48hrs after placing in paper towels, both had a tap root about a 1/2" long.

Placed seeds in solo cups with FFHF and sprinkled with MYKOS before covering the seeds in soil.



Looking good, will be following along.

The start of a new life is so precious. Come on baby, peak that head out :herb:


Hey thanks for the tag @Rugar89 I’ve changed this to watching. I vote for the scrog to get NFG… even though you really didn’t reask… scrog plant would be the most needy.


Love those holy cups @Rugar89

Welcome back… we’ve been waiting! lol :smiley::v::+1::palm_tree:

“Watching” Mode Enabled

Tag if you need anything!


Thanks for the Tag @Rugar89 I will be following. My BBA is going into soil today. I’m too nervous that I will wreck the tap root to do the paper towel method.


Back in the saddle again! To coin a phrase: “Woohoo”!


Think I will tag along with you @Rugar89 Happy growing! Uggh, I am outta likes!! :green_heart: :seedling:


I’m just SO flush, but . . . you’re giving me the itch again!


Awesome grow tent setup bro! I wish you the best of harvests! Happy growing my friend. @Rugar89


Thanks for all the kind comments!
Feels good to have fresh seeds planted again. After getting through my first grow, I can say that this is my favorite part of the grow as soon as they make their first appearance out of the soil. Its fun watching them progress as seedlings when you can see changes everyday.
My least favorite part? Curing. Its just a pain opening them jars everyday.


I never had to touch them. Just rolled them off the edge of the paper towel and dropped them in the soil.


@Rugar89 I’m sure opening a jar and taking a quick sample is a real pain! Lol :+1:


Yes taking samples really sucks! :smirk: