Rugar's World: 2017/2018 Winter Grow


That is awesome!!! Such a cool piece! @Rugar89 nice cola there too btw!


Nice set up…will be watching thanks for the tag :+1:


I’m watching ! Should be fun


I am watching. Should be a great grow. :sunglasses:


Lurking in the background.haha.


11/12/17 Beginning of new life!
So 96hrs since dropping seeds to soak, germinating in wet paper towels, and the placing into solo cups, my new babies are making the first public appearance!


11/13/17 Day Two! Lights set to 35" above canopy. Running 16 on/8 off light schedule. RH in dome 80% Temp 80 deg.


Glad to have you back in the fold @Rugar89 i’m in!!


Thanks Bro!
Watching your Auto Pot grow closely.


hey @Rugar89 please tag me here so I can follow along. thanks!



You got it @jusgettinby @Daddy


Swapped out my 6" Hurricane 435 CFM exhaust fan for the 200 CFM 4" fan from my drying tent. Even with the 6" fan turned down to low, it was wanting to suck my tent inside out even with a 6" 200 CFM intake fan running on high. Plus the noise factor was unbearable. Now with the 4" fan running on medium speed I still have some negative pressure and its a lot quieter now.


11/19/17 BBA 1 week old today


11/19/17 Chocolope 1 week old today


Oh I love them so much when they are seedlings, they change every day!! :green_heart: :seedling:


Yes they do. Its my favorite part of the grow!


I do not think they could look any healthier than they do @Rugar89

Chocolope!! Looking forward to the future smoke report.


Oh me too! :smirk:


hey @AnneBonny - my 2 BBAs went into their pots this morning. I soaked them for 24 hours & then 24 hours in the paper towel and this morning they’re home. I can’t wait until they poke up!!! I started a journal too if you’d like to hang around… :slight_smile:

@Rugar89 I’m curious if your 1st grow was a sweet smoke or could you tell the difference in taste? The older I get the less I taste things… I’m also curious if your bb’s ever turned blue? I couldn’t really tell in your pics.



I think the blue happens when the temps get cooler @jusgettinby. I will look for you journal and follow along ~ thanks.