Question about nutrient readings?

Hello everyone
So hopefully someone can explain this
For example let’s say I’m mixing my nutrients in a 5 gallon bucket my weekly nutrients calls for
4ml of flora micro
4ml of flora gro
4ml of flora bloom
2.5 of calimag
Per gallon
So that’s 16 ml total of each nutrient in the 5 gallon bucket except calimag would be 12.5 ml.
So I’m looking for 600/ppm
I noticed when I do the initial ppm reading it’s about760/ppm so I keep adding water until I get a reading of 600/ppm,I noticed that I add about 1 -2 gallons of water to bring down the ppm to 600/ppm
Ok so my question is the other day I just added
4ml of flora micro
4ml of flora gro
4ml of flora bloom
10ml of calimag
1/4 of 1 ml of rapid start
To a 5 gallon bucket of water
And now my initial ppm on my first check was at 630/ppm and only had to add a little less than half a gallon to bring down to 660/ppm
So with the same ratio of nutrients and the ppm at 600am I giving my plants the same amount of nutrients??
I’m just wondering
Thank you

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According to your measurement of 4ml a gallon, it should be 20ml of each and then and then 12.5ml calmag. What kind of water are you using?

Tap water
Also after I mix 6.2 ph
Yes you are correct 20 ml per bucket I said 16ml sorry math was off lol

What’s your tap ppm?


I have never checked the ppm on my tap.

That’s likely where your extra ppms are coming from.


So example
If my tap water ppm is 100/ppm
So now I mix my nutrients in to water and my ppm reading is 700/ppm does this mean I actually have a ppm of 600/ppm?
Or no? Or do I have 800/ppm?

You would have 600ppm of nutrients. You’d need to check your water report to see what your water ppm is comprised of. Mines mostly calcium, magnesium, zinc etc. So macronutes

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Oh ok so you minus the tap ppm
I did not know that great tip thank you Bobby
So now that makes sense on why I was over on ppm but never took the tap/ppm in to consideration
So this whole time I have actually been giving less ppm then I thought,makes sense on why my plants just yesterday Monday started showing a little nutrient deficiency.
I just transplanted 13 days ago and have not used nutrients until yesterday that I noticed a little bit of light green on some plants leaves.
I’m using king soil and from what I read from there sight it should be good with no nutrients fir 2 weeks but it looks like I should of started feeding them 1 week after not 2.
So back to my question my nutrients called for 4ml of micro,gro,and bloom and 2.5 of calimag per gallon and shooting for 600/ppm.
So what I did yesterday was I only added 4 ml of each and 10ml of calimag in a 5 gallon bucket and my ppm was 630/ppm,unfortunately I did not know I needed to subtract the tap ppm from the total after adding nutrients so I just added enough water to bring down to 600/ppm
Is the plant still getting the nutrients it need with a final reading of 600/ppm even though I only used 1/5 of what the nutrients called for?
Sorry for the dumb question also but I’m just very curious about that?
Thank you much

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If you’re in kind soil you shouldn’t be using any additional nutrients until maybe mid-later flower. What medium do you have on top of the kind soil?

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What do you mean by Medium?
Is that the nutrients or the soil I’m using?
Thank you

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This the soil I’m using along with flora series nutrients
Flora micro
Flora gro
Flora bloom
Cal mag
Rapid start

Oh, I thought you said you were using kind soil

Yes sir
Btw I came home and tested my tap water and it is at 420/ppm so shoot I have been not giving my plants the nutrients they fully need,I’ve been off by 420/ppm this whole time. Damn
But I mixed 20 ml of each of 3 nutes
10 ml of calimag
And 1/4 ml of rapid start
My reading was 1020/ppm so I was right on the money for 600/ppm
Thank you for telling me I had to take into consideration tap/ppm I had no idea
So I pretty much just answered my question or you pretty much did earlier lol
Thank you bobby


Wow over 400ppm for tap? I would check your local water report online. See what those ppms are coming from

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Is that very bad?
What am I looking for in the water report??
Any tips?
What do I need too look for?
Thank you

Just like to say thank you much for taking the time to answer all my questions Bobby I really appreciate it
But I checked local water report and if this is it I don’t understand any of it lol
But I’m going to post it hopefully you can help me out on this

That’s an odd report. Most of the stuff is entry point monitoring which I believe means needs to be measured at the tap. Definitely make sure you’re letting the chlorine gas off before using.

How do I go about releasing the gases?
What’s the process?
Thank you

I also found this
Question when there reading says 4.3 ppm is that 430/ppm?