Purpose Built shed 2017


Had Super Skunk and Bubble Gum coming but since I raise mothers will likely be White Widow which has almost come of age to clone but will be straight hydro grow :wink: building new unit for it tomorrow after I fix throttle.
Have Crown Royal almost ready to harvest and Green Crack on week 1 of true flower gave it second bloom feed today the when the CR comes out will throw PK in and start scrog and move my PK clones in hydro unit into main veg space for it’s 7-8 weeks.
It sounds confusing I guess lmao but I have WW BB CR PK and GC mothers so I rotate I tend to favor purple strains in winter


I’ve been following along, so I think I understand what you’re doing. Sounds like a really good lineup too!

I will be curious to see how the green crack turns out, assuming you got it from here? I was just looking at it, it description says indica. But all that I’ve seen have been more sativa.


the Bubble Gum and Super Skunk were my first order I live in BC so seeds up until recently were cheap and easy to get locally and a easy impulse buy while at hydro shop so my GC strain would be different source as would my WW and BB.
I ordered since I seen such nice results with most of the genetics ILGM has they may still arrive we have had some nasty snow storms further south but at nearly a month since delivery email? it is anyone’s guess. With legalization next summer the government has been cracking down on seed vendors wanting their piece of the pie and hydro shop prices have started to rise


Sounds about right! My last order from ilgm took a long time too, almost 40 days. And a couple were damaged. All was taken care of fairly easy though.


I am patient I have plants already growing so it doesn’t slow me down any either way was just looking forward to SS I like skunk strains when I get my extractor will be all about the trichrome production less about variety of taste


Shouldn’t be difficult with the lec. Pretty much it’s strong point.


where to begin?

A material list I suppose?
4x 1/2" PVC elbows $3.20
2x 1/2" PVC T fittings $1.60
1 1/2" threaded 1 side T $1.20
10’ 1/2" PVC pipe $4
6x sprinkler heads $1.80
102L tote 27Gal $9-11 price varies
pond pump $29
PVC primer and cement
Tape measure
Start by measuring tote then find center from there
cut 2 small pieces of pipe deducting 1-1 1/2" per fitting in my case this worked out to 2 6" pieces dry fit 3 T’s this will give you main branch from pump. From this main branch you measure and cut 2 more pipes factoring 1" for elbows

this is basic break down of pipes and fittings measure a pipe for each end by measuring across main T branch with outside T’s removed dry fit everything
It should look something like above picture :wink:
Prime fittings and pipes

While primer is drying is a good time to paint lid and add a drain fitting to bottom of tote I use a 5/8" threaded elbow and add 2 hose gaskets to it

this elbow drain serves 2 purposes 1 I can see water level 2 I can add pump or simply use gravity to drain I connect a hose to it and loop it above nutrient level

By now primer should be dry enough to glue pieces into final configuration work fast add cement to pipe and fit together 1 piece 1 fitting at a time a properly primed fitting will set fast so direction of each fitting will be a critical factor as you won’t be able to adjust after a few seconds marking during dry fit likely would be wise choice

Give this a few minutes to set fully pain lid hopefully second coat if you did first at same time as drain?

Grey or light brown anything but white or black :wink: Black collects heat white takes way more coats to prevent light leakage so twice the pain though a primer grey undercoat or 2 then white may work
We paint to keep light out so several coats works best

cement now set we mark and drill holes for sprinklers 5/64" or 5/32" lol forgot to write it down I just match bit to bottom of sprinkler head

I used a cheap and simple threading tool to thread holes after drilling smallest thread on it after threading I simply wound sprinklers on end result below

6 sprinklers installed facing up or top of unit :wink:
and after attaching pump to manifold

I cut a notch for pumps cord oriented in direction of drain may fill hole with silicone after but my other unit doesn’t leak so will adjust accordingly during dry run.

lid is still drying after 3 coats but dry enough to mark where I will cut out

Net pots also needed a trim

after cutting holes in lid will attach hose to drain and fill unit for a flush cycle and to test action on sprinkler heads.

This unit will house 2 plants and run on 5 Gal fill roughly like the other 1 I already have going pump is on timer for 15 min intervals adjusted based on temps since pump warms nutrient solution net pot could utilize clay pellets or coarse coco :wink:


Very nice!


I couldn’t play in my shed without a few update pictures :wink:

CR almost ready been flushing for a week now at about 10% Amber another few days and she’s done

GC filled screen nicely and flowers are forming with nice tight nodes

And PK more than ready to take over when CR finishes
Also fixed throttle on snow blower today


I’m all out of likes @Donaldj but I really appreciate this basic DIY thread. I may attempt this type of growing in the future, because I’ve seen some really great results. Going to make sure I get the soil thing down first.


Takes me little over an hour simply because I keep forgetting to write measurements down and keep reorganizing my tools in shed lmao


The money saved in this kind of growing is worth it a 5 Gal nutrient mix lasts 2 weeks I use that every week per plant in soil during flower :wink: or 2 plants during veg and far easier to control and adjust


All out of likes, but I’ll take this form of growing into serious consideration for the future. @Donaldj


That is so cool! Wow! Thanks for sharing how you made that! Interested to see how it works out :+1:


lol first one is just starting to show roots through all the lecca but plants did stay mostly healthy during the slow start will start to pick up it’s pace shortly I am pretty conservative on feeding cuttings until I see roots. I am sure it will work just a matter of adjustments :slight_smile:


Ok now have last pieces of extractor ordered had to strangely cover credit card bills from my misses first she’s good at spending without telling me


that set up is going to be duplicated for sure…by me in the future when I get the nerve up for another hydro grow, lol…tho I have learned Summer isn’t the time to do it, the day time temps are too high so I’ll stick to soil then, I’d rather not rely on ice bottles or air condition the cellar.

lots of root room, an affordable schedule, easy to assemble for most, I even found a threading tool in my cellar reorganization along with a bunch of other forgotten items.

now for your seeds to arrive…weather can slow mail delivery, staffing and holidays will affect it…I read you don’t “need” them yet so there’s time for a resend…

You’ll have your hands full cutting and chopping…I see posts about manicuring machines, what’s your feelings about them because of the size and frequency of your harvests?


LOL I know what you mean summer hydro can be a handful I spent end of summer flowering out mother plants and alternating 1 hydro 1 soil now I am down to last few over sized mothers then will be make or break hydro for a few rounds. I have always had decent results with hydro and think I have worked out most of my kinks :wink: DWC was fairly inefficient needs too much water hard to fill empty and move mainly move since I move my plants through spaces unlike some which simply grow start to finish in same space and draining and filling during winter means hauling buckets.

I have debated a trim bowl for a long time but with extractor I can manicure only best buds and rough trim anything lower grade since it will be simply dried ground and turned into shatter/wax the biggest bonus of extractor is it is efficient. No need for slow cure or pretty buds just sugary since I am not using the actual bud just washing trichs off so I can be super selective in what I keep for smoking. Get higher return on bud in extractor but when you recover 95% of solvent used and a extraction run takes roughly an hour not all day boiling down like RSO I can run lb a day if I wanted a few cans of butane will work for 5-6 rounds unlike the usual 2-3 cans an oz that is wasted also can remove almost all of it from end product by warming under vac pressure the end result can be mixed with e-liquid or vaped as is


now that’s a machine that should be available to rent…I could see it in supermarkets next to Rug Doctor carpet cleaners :wink:


I actually can rent one from local shop but rarely have that much trim stocked up that using it is practical and or cost effective and don’t like sharing that much info with my hydro shop :wink: Today my project is to finish hydro unit then build frame and heat sinks for my Cob LED’s I have coming some time in the next week or so? is improvised so will take pictures but may add disclamer :stuck_out_tongue: