Purpose Built shed 2017


good stuff @Donaldj


the nicest ones are on the back wall hard to get good pics with arms stretched out and light mover changing shadows to get close ups. Also kicking myself for the burnt leafs when I got too aggressive with my light costly mistake who’d of thought I could actually get 600w hps closer than a 315w LEC :wink: at 16" away over 1 night did as much damage as if it were 1000w at 12" Live and learn :thinking:
Honestly it was quite impressive and a good example of the intensity the LEC’s throw off at only 315w :stuck_out_tongue:
So I added to my strain notes this round too 2 changes when the CR makes it back into loop 7 gal pot and a higher ppm kept it around 12-1300 most of flower
I expect a decent yield but a slight bump next time will help


what should I do lmao? temptation I think so would basically eat my entire winter grow budget but only ones I’ve found so far willing to ship to Canada and for how much longer?


Thats 315 true watts you say @Donaldj that distance should be almost doubled :face_with_monocle:


not LED LEC :wink: which is still HID bulb something I have used for years probably the only time I have had light bleaching from so far away usually I ran out of room to raise lights in the past and they grew into it lmao. Not this time I had my 400w mh/hps around 10-12" away last winter no bleaching so yes I would say it’s the light itself


Light Emitting Ceramic (ceramic metal Halide) LEC or CMH only difference is the ballast one is magnetic the other digital but a mh bulb with a twist the gas burns in plasma state much like LEP Light Emitting Plasma. The description makes it sound like a very hot bulb? but no it actually is a double jacketed bulb so cooler than a 400w HID I do get the confusion @AmnesiaHaze but it is HID and the fact it is cooler lead me to assume I could safely get it closer using standard HID tricks light mover or cool tubes :slight_smile:


The physical heat might be lower with LECs but the par/lumens is what bleaches then. Too many waves, not temp. @Donaldj


Indeed the PAR is the culprit either way it’s a learning curve since I have few people to ask about these lights I tend to make mistakes so others won’t have to chasing the perfect range is a goal all growers with any lights should have. My second flower space already has changes applied light mover running light slightly higher from lady slightly heavier feeds etc. It’s all about little tweaks to gain extra grams went from so called 5 gal smart pots to actual 5 Gal which made single plant fill screen as well as 2 were stationary light to moving which also added to yield next round it’s 7 Gal pot ppm adjustment and mover so I am continuing to evolve like any grower should :wink:
Spotted first roots in my new hydro unit yesterday they’re almost through the lecca which is progress even if slightly slower than I wanted still the sign I was looking for


@Donaldj you said it! Chasing the perfect range is every growers goal. It’s my #1 priority. Plus light protection. That’s probably why safety always comes first! Lol :joy: but seriously the damage it does to your eyes if you don’t have proper eye protection. :+1::v:


i have done some reading on these lec lighting…i like the double 315w what are your thoughts @Donaldj?


They put 1000w mh/hps to shame but I would still be more likely to run 2 315 than 1 630 just do to the extra foot print. I love these lights but since the double light units are basically 2 lights right beside each other and if you noticed last few posts have been reguarding PAR and light range you would get better result with 2 shades spaced 2’ apart


i will note that thank you @Donaldj
i see something big and shiny i act like an old crow! lol


Long frustrating day ended up taking most of carb apart replacing fuel line and didn’t get snow blower running have spark suspect have a clogged jet to track down but had flooded motor but just as likely the WD I sprayed to break piston free? This was followed by a power outage which lasted several hours about same time as I started doing transplants temps are starting to get back to safer range with no power shed loses warmth fairly fast in minus 13c with -20c wind


Brother, that’s cold. Sending Southern warmth your way. :sunglasses:


Wholly crap is that a blast from the figgin metal past man!!


Just love what you got goin here it is a long one still catchin up


I will end up starting a new journal soon just waiting on some new Beans


Cool man lookin forward to it I am a metal head too and dig all the tuneage here man!!


Speaking of beans I guess I may be one of the unlucky people been over 4 weeks :frowning: oh well. I managed to get the beast running now just need to replace springs on throttle oddly after gutting the carb and unplugging the jets fired right up first pull but springs are too stretched to hold throttle position. Having answered the question it will run I have new throttle cable and spring on my desk and sized battery for starter no huge rush
Finally finished squaring everything away in my shed so actually have work space again so I can build next hydro unit


What are you thinking for the next grow?