Purpose Built shed 2017


All orders are shipped and on their way so should be fun when things start to arrive finished hydro unit and built frame for my cobs when they arrive yes I took pictures as I went just pondering a fan for cooling I have a fair amount of practice tin bashing so pretty sure I can come up with something :wink:


Did you already post which cobs you decided to go with?


I did not since I sourced them non sponsored site driver less 30w 2600 lm 3000k x 10 and 6500k x 5 110/220v.
So 39,000 lumen 450 true watts roughly which I am mounting to a 32"x 20" frame comprised of 3 3"x32" aluminium peg board strips and 3/4" x3/4" aluminium angle stock will box top of frame to mount a 16" fan to down draft entire frame which will act as heatsink :wink: Cobs came out to $60 shipped and frame was roughly $40 if I like results it may justify an upgrade in future if my LEC’s still do better was a cheap test and will make good spotlights for my yard :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like a solid plan. Curious to see how you feel the lower cost cobs stack up. I would feel pretty confident that the higher end stuff would be competitive on a per watt basis, but not a lot of solid completed grows with these.


Funny thing is only so many companies make LED chips and so called higher end companies still source from same limited manufacturers the difference is mainly in the heatsinks and drivers or light spectrum. Most of what you pay when buying a pre made unit is labor and mark up; what the market will bear :wink: I see leds as being no different than hydro units for sale on amazon a unit I can make for 35 is sold for 100 or more since people still think cost equals quality and no one wants to sell too cheaply if people will pay more :slight_smile: unless they are running a sweat shop and the parts for most come from same places


Exactly why I build and don’t buy any of those pre made fixtures lol. Most of them are reasonable for what they are priced but performance is severely constricted by inefficient components. I use all meanwell drivers and leds from bridgelux, citizen, cree, Luminus and Samsung. That way I know exactly what I’m getting. I’m definitely not referring to the typical amazon led fixture as higher end.


Just fantastic @Donaldj thanks buddy great info for newbs like me​:+1:t3::+1:t3:


I am very much an unorthodox grower so trying to follow my threads can be quite tricky at times since I ramble a fair amount about theory but don’t let that mislead you I can also give textbook advise and prefer to with new growers. I believe too much science and theory can overwhelm and confuse very simple concepts but free thinking and theory testing is how we make advances.
Basically I play experiment and mess with my own grows so others don’t have to :wink: and share findings freely
With the primary goal being cost savings without yield loss


Right on man
I am at a point with my health that I may have to hang up my tools. I wish I was the kick ass hand I used to be but my health sucks and am not reliable or dependable anymore so I may be trying to grow full time to supplement my income and work on my tools part time. So all the info is great and a bigger help than you know man
Thanks again buddy​:metal:t3::metal:t3:


@Myfriendis410 You speak of slowing down your flower cycle I have 2 flower spaces I am able to adjust and test faster this way if I don’t like results I change what second space is doing. Both spaces are same size same lights same venting but lights are on opposite hours and each are 1 month apart meaning if a feed schedule light distance or other easily adjusted tweak is needed the younger plant gets it in this fashion I am able to adapt and self correct twice as fast. If I screw a plant up I cull and replace with my other space picking up the slack :slight_smile:


Space! What a luxury. I think about all the cool stuff I could do…


If I grew full time for a living I would stick to the classics @WillyJ has the right setup for larger scale production big lights big space I am sure he will tag you into his thread. Me I grow with a 6-8 oz month goal in less than legal form :wink: which means I factor everything from power fluctuations to distance from my house so it can’t be taken etc… I would love to go back to 1000w MH/HPS but it wouldn’t work for my 3 light rotation and would’ve had to build a shop instead of a shed :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL my primary grow space is 9’x6’ divided into 3 spaces
I have a separate mother and cloning space but think garden shed or store room my actual grow space is smaller than my bathroom :wink:


Cool cool yea seen @WillyJ grows and just outstanding!!


Well I decided to do some topping to give my lower buds a few days worth of better light

they’re all close to same size should be a nice yield still over half the plant to harvest yet


Wow, @Donaldj just wow. Those are some amazing looking colas. I hope I’ll get there someday. That must be all that hydro growing…:wink:


Promix :wink: and none of the goodies people spout about mammoth-p hydroguard recharge just plain old lucas formula GH LKB some sugar


what remains after the 33 top kolas I cut
roots ahoy reset timer 45min off 15 on will add air stone once roots make it to water but for now no need


Nice and chunky buds! That’s a good formula :+1::+1:obviously talented nice job!


You show that it’s not all about the stuff you can throw at them :+1: