Purpose Built shed 2017


Well raining today so will be doing some cloning (Lilacs that is) have been meaning to get some started for along my fence for months now but didn’t bother since didn’t have right cloning powder for them. I just think of it as privacy fencing that slowly gets bigger :wink: My garden is doing surprisingly well almost everything planted has sprouted or atleast not died which growing in straight compost is a feat gives me lots to look forward to next year and makes a green house a worth while project which yes may house the odd non food plant :wink:


Torched in curbs to harvest water on my shed roof today so will be using rain water for future res changes the furniture in the top picture is going to be another project for my spare time needs to be refinished


Cut a couple clones from my PK which I will also be starting my lilacs with lmao also need to take some monster crop clones from 1 of my ladies in flower to save genes :wink:


of course it hasn’t rained since I put in curb and rain barrel have to work today finishing touches on 2-3 jobs tin is one of my fave tasks suits my OCD and perfectionist attitude sunny with a nice little breeze should be a good day :slight_smile:


Trying my hand at a monster cropped clone so cut a lower limb off a lady in flower also took 7 lilac cuttings with new cloning powder which is recommended for them


my veg unit doing it’s thing did some bending shortly after my phone camera doesn’t much like lec’s

just my Mothers loving life under t5’s
and my recent Lilac cuttings hanging with some mj cuttings under the dome in my cloning space they are supposed to take month or more to root but I don’t think they are referring to someone which clones plants as often as me more your average gardener with less goodies and tricks up their sleaves :wink: Considering most I read about cloning them was done outdoors in soil in an unregulated temp green house I think should get roots before month time line will even start them indoors for first few weeks they are my future privacy fence so I can afford to give them every edge I can


Rain collector proved how far out of level my shed is after all the snow and ice melted under it and it has settled so had to jack and level everything but doing it’s job now :wink: Just hoping I get enough rain to fill my 50 gallon tank so I can do res change this weekend and water my garden since city has sprinkler ban on until Sat they are changing out several pumps.


Ladies are happy am going to pick up a new furnace tomorrow a 8 yr old HE NG furnace which is an upgrade on my ME house furnace this presents me with an oppertunity to convert old furnace to Propane and install in my shed if I choose for winter would work nice for co2 generator and temp control :wink: Also getting a $6000 furnace for free which is a bonus only need to remove it from house scheduled to be demo’d and have asbestos abatement in next couple weeks.


Whats your temp and humidity lights on/off in your LEC/CMH area? Trying to get mine dialed in


Lol unheated so have to base on outside temps with exhaust pulling fresh air from outside running 3 lights with 2 overlapping hit 17c today and my high in shed was 75f without exhaust even half on. My temps tend to stay inline with ambient with exhaust almost full humidity 40-60 depending on weather :wink: Have to remember I am growing in shed so I can set temp to ambient or higher with simple fan speed adjustment and exhaust redirection I will say puts off far less heat than either my 400’s or 600’s did


When I built shed I made space with R-24 walls R-36 ceiling and in -20c was holding temps around 70f with a 400 and single lec running run a 430 cfm exhaust for a 9’x6’x7’ so exchange rate over 2 times per minute when I want it and a damper to redirect exhaust into adjacent space and close intakes recycling heat during winter. I am only at mercy of weather during summer and AC unit if I choose to use it but don’t want to draw attention so I am happy when temps are around 72-80 lights on 65-70 lights off which I have been able to hold easily enough


Busy day ahead have tree’s to trim garden to spray and add ant killer too manager to ream out since I still haven’t been contacted about the 96 bundles of shingles I am waiting on furnace to remove and res changes to do if I get a chance :wink:


Furnace came out easy will be tricky to install but savings should be worth it. managed to finish planting my garden so far my lilacs look to be doing well almost no wilt my ant war in my garden will begin tonight after watering even with rain the other day they still need good watering. Then will come the soap bath :smiling_imp: and ant traps let the war begin
now on to res changes


Well skipped res change had to fix door since levelling shed it didn’t quite shut properly and since I had a cop stop and ask for directions while I was out in garden I figured it was time to fix it wouldn’t want any light leaks at wrong time.


Hey @Donaldj peppermint oil diluted with water in a spray bottle works wonders for getting rid of bugs around the garden. There was like a couple hundred flies living in my green house sprayed it once and there hasn’t been a single one in there since. Also had a planter filled with ants and the mother in-law sprayed the crap out of it and all the ants are gone now. Also it’s safe to spray on the plants too. Hope this helps out your battle buddy.


I had my plant in the green house in the morning and we were having a BBQ so I moved it to the shed. Then later that night a cop just walked into my yard looking for some kids that assaulted some one. Green house wide open an all. Lucky me moved the plant to a more confined space. Cops think in they can go where ever they want.


My shed is pretty well located so you wouldn’t pick up signs without being beside it which means in dog country



Flower unit about 1-2 weeks behind due to lighting issues but picking up it’s pace now hasn’t needed ph adjustment in a week :wink:

tonights res change
12 tspn Maxi grow 25 gallon res filled
100ml Cal Mag
rain water ppm 34 :wink: ph 6.5
after mixing 1000 ppm ph 5.9

They were at 850 ppm prior to change and loving it the ppm bump is pre-emptive to improve ph stablity


Flower unit had all sorts of issues power outages 2 blown bulbs thanks to shot ballast around 5 days with no light followed by me setting up 400w HPS for a week then back to 315w Lec and trust me night in day how they look and grow under the LEC greener more lush less stretch less die off.
Was a terrible test of DWC under scrog but have everything back on course and next res change will be around 1200 ppm quite impressed with Maxi series so far on both grow and flower units ph stays pretty stable Next round in flower will be starting far larger and with less trials lmao ppm will also be higher since they are already eating like pigs