Purpose Built shed 2017


on right now lmao



O yeah well lets see



les claypol rocks!! one of the best bass player ever in my mind! @Hogmaster


There’s some stuff from my teen years.
Live, The Presidents, Primus, Green Jelly.
Use to walk around town with my mates when we were around 16 drinking n singing anything from Live or The Presidents. Haha


The misses tolerates my music for about an hour in my shed or truck my sandbox my rules


Sounds like my wife and my sandbox LOL


Ph raised to 6.5 re adjusted back down to 5.8 usual for first 24hr’s after a res change but ladies appear happy to be back on GH nutes


Forest fire an hour or so away is going to prove to be helpful today providing me with some shade at work :wink: current roof is putting up a decent fight being mopped to the deck and warm out certainly fun tear off. Forecast for thurs-sat is rain so we need to get first ply down to be water tight got about half roof torn and covered yesterday but warmer today so don’t expect to get same amount torn off but will still be long day since we can get second ply going today as we cover with first. Then need to move material off old roof to new clearing last section for Weds


Was a good day at work sun was mostly hidden and temps were tolerable got lots done


Man what a rough weekend how about some wonderful music



reflects my mood better


Maynard is so bad ass


Got to bring the mood up




Ph adjusted had risen to 6 over night but roots are just exploding and ppm dropped nearly 100 so yes they like the Maxi series more than the Green Planet nutes :stuck_out_tongue:
Ladies in flower got fed and dosed with bud blood ppm 1000 ph 6.5 also first foliage trim had to reduce sucker shoots temps have risen into 90’s fortunately cool weather on the forecast and temps in shed are staying low 80’s :slight_smile:


I love when everything is dialled right in growth is so fast a daily visit to grow room is like wow did they really grow that much overnight lmao. Have to take some time to teach the misses how to adjust ph taking a week off at end of month to go fishing on the coast my soil plants are easy I just water them day I leave but the hydro plants need constant adjustment and a daily check :wink: Likely they would be just fine for the 5 days I will be gone