Purpose Built shed 2017


Rain this morning so going to go pickup shingles for sister inlaw’s house checked Sat they are in now 96 trips up a ladder with 76lb bundles monday cardio :sweat: hopefully enough rain for me to do second res change later today


this was the half that I put on the roof second pallet is in carport will bring it up as needed


I suspect rain has almost filled my 50 Gal by now as usual I am working on next project for my grow room misters manifold and pump $70 aeroponics is my next rig :wink:


my knees hurt just looking at that stack of shingles!!lol @Donaldj i do not envy your job sir!


96 bundles not counting Cap starter underlay drip edge packed first 48 up ladder left the rest down for now roof isn’t ripped or papered yet so would just be in the way


Veg unit liked ppm change dropped by 80 ppm ph raised to 6.3 so adjusted back down usually takes day or 2 to become stable roots are exploding with fresh growth res temps have been 66-67f which is about where I like it. Probably the least shocking res change these ladies have had my tap water comes out in the 50’s and after day or 2 comes to temp but usually shocks roots rain barrel already earning it’s keep :slight_smile: Next is flower unit change tomorrow now rain barrel is almost full


i always hated doing tear-offs…esp. when they have 3 or four layers! lol
my knees are ruined from playing football,so the ladder really gets me…if that don’t being on my knees will…lol


Lol I didn’t say it was fun just that it pays bills as a company we rarely do shingles I do them as side jobs because for a few days work I can make 1200-2000 tax free which goes to play funds. I charge just under company rates work my own hours and take my time since I charge per sqft. For every roof I shingle I get 1-2 more by referral if they are fine with my timeline and solo approach I also get faster with each upgrade gear as add ins on bill


that’s the way to do it @Donaldj!


Flower unit res change rain water ph 7 ppm 23
8 tsp Maxi Bloom
100ml Cal Mag am showing Cal def otherwise I wouldn’t add any
100ml sweetener
3 tsp Monster Bloom
ph 5.4 ppm 900
Added ph up ppm 940 ph 5.6
I expect a rise in next 24 hr’s so will add 2 more tsp Maxi bloom tomorrow bring ppm back to 1100 and ph close to range

my PK clone is rooted and in a pot after 9 days my Monster cropped clone is also rooted and lilac’s passed tug test so a couple more days they will be in pots too once again 100% on cuttings :wink: Whoever said Lilacs are hard to clone never met a grower lmao I will likely cut another 10 once I plant these ones in pots 6 weeks my arse fricken rookies :stuck_out_tongue:
Veg unit is stable ph but next top off will be just ph’d water roots are going nuts ppm has risen


What are you using for a sweetener and what’s the purpose if not in soil and no good microbes?

:v: :sunglasses:


Good question? I likely do it out of habbit or because it is supposed to improve flavor profile though when you mention microbes I wonder if it would have better effect for people using benies


Ph was stable in both units though the anticipated ph rise didn’t happen on flower unit will adjust today my roots are absolutely going bonkers on my veg unit. It has to be the rain water which though is foaming some and full of pollen seems to act like wetting agent? shame it wasn’t more reliable a source


A peak at ladies shortly before lights on

the happy mothers

the ladies in soil shortly after lights out I get about 15 minutes while all three lights are out

Just a few shots of latest clones

Some root porn on my veg unit these plants are now 18" tall roughly 8 tops each and they fill a 3’x3’ space with nearly a month left before going to flower lmao


i really like the root porn…lol
those are some impressive root balls @Donaldj


33f this morning my poor garden have to be some hardy plants to live up here my corn radish and potato plants seem to be doing the bestaside from my berries that is which are planted in combo of Promix M compost and sand with wood shavings to raise ph. fortunately this season is just about soil conditioning and testing what will grow will need green house for next season.
My Veg unit is set about perfect ppm hasn’t moved in 4 days yet my water has dropped nearly 5 gal since res change ph has hardly moved either :wink: so will top off today with same ppm and adjust ph. My flower unit ph raised to 5.9 so will top off and adjust it today too the foaming stopped in veg unit but flower unit isn’t quite there yet the rain water was full of pollen making it soapy but also making it act like wetting agent :slight_smile:


Morning coffee then off to clean gutters for an hour or so easy $100 cash on my way to swap trucks for dancing on a ladder scooping leaves out of a gutter :wink: On the bosses gas too even better then off lawn to mow furnace to move and truck to pack


picked up 2 55 gal res today will be building an aeroponic unit in the near future have everything I need now except space to put it lmao


Another shed? Lmao!


Lol I am getting pretty close to it as I am debating green house which would double fine for some storage but what I intend to do is phase a unit in when Flower unit finishes even with double the size res it will still need less nutrient solution to run than current units