Peyote cookie Afghan skunk and triple cheese also my kosher kush


Nice full tent brother


Cheers family I’m thinkin that the Kisha will take a bit longer now cause it’s was still growing tall I think it’s slowin dwn and starting to flower more but the other 3 are well look more and they are not that tall like the 3 kush well I hope they are will get fatter but the other 3 look nice already I think about 6weeks to go well total 60days I think it was and kush are 66days takes us to 15/16dec and the clone should be ready to go in bless @Sirsmokes @Screwauger @raustin @Mikos @dbrn32


Hey family how is all so I was think about the last few day if I shud take the top off one so I did the one dat I was thinkin that was a hermi let see wat happens now


Hey family how we doing I hope all is good jst a update so lady look good but had to take the light of it hooks and clamp it rite to the top so it will not go any higher nuts but if it keeps going I mite have to cut the other two as well and the other 3 are great lookin nice on top and getting heavy but the kosher kush are not is that cause it going up still I’m on a list at the mo wat to do cut or not inever had them like this jst 4:5ft that it this time wow for real

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Just tie it over bro be slow and gentle slowly bend it over a couple of days.


I agree with @Sirsmokes, just bend the tops down and tie them off. But don’t bend it all the way in one pull. Bring them down gradually.


Do you see it’s in the light hood and I cut one to see wat would happen two are as is o I shud bend or a few days and tie to the stem cause b4 I jst tied to side and that jst pulled across I jst don’t get it why it’s got so tall like that it’s never happen b4 crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: not that I am mowing about it jst got to knw wats going on for next time


I agree, bend her over and tie her down.


Not Many things could have contributed but i would venture to say just genetics or was to far outside of your lights good footprint. I have heard if you stop veg nutes before the stretch it can help keep them from stretching. Ive heard this i dont know it to be true.


Hey family how are we all doing jst a update so wen and checked on my lady’s and they all look very good but jst that the kush keep getting tall so I have been bendin and have now hooked wid bend to stem one I cut of the top the other day and today I cut of one more it got burnt on the top I little so I took it off

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Dry it out and get you a taste lol


I jst may do that fam


Hey family how are we all doing I hope all is good my blessing are wid you all and here is the update so I ended up leaving one and have bent it now a bit I jst hope it don’t keep growin also I don’t understand why the top part is not fat like the other 3 are it’s so change so let’s see wat happens

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They all look good. I’d be trying to gently lean that tall one over before it gets into the light.


That’s a different plant right? Could be a lot of things.


That one is kosher kush frm the time I did it 1st wat happen was one of my kush was a male I didn’t knw and I ended up wid pollen in my tent so I kept gettin seeds every time the plant hit that side so I have seeds every time well I hope it’s the last time cause this time round I clean hard b4 I put anything in


Hey family can anyone tell me is this lack of water I have not given frm yesterday or maybe I shud give today meter reads getting low @Screwauger @Sirsmokes @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie @Mikos


Maybe, usually a little too much nitrogen is what causes them to claw.


Yea if they were thirsty the whole leaf would start to droop. Im with @dbrn32 on this one . are they a dark green? Vcant tell because of light


UPdate all still good

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