Peyote cookie Afghan skunk and triple cheese also my kosher kush


I only put it in flower on the 16thoct crazy tall I biggest I got b4 was about 3-3.5 ft tall these have gone big nice bless


Looking great buddy!


Hey family how are we doing so a update babes are lookin good gettin tall think I knw why I did one thing different this time and I can’t believe it’s to do wid it I did read somewhere that it will make them tall and it has nuts I will try again and then I will tell all off you @Mikos @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @Drillbit @dbrn32 @Budbrother @raustin @Screwauger @Sirsmokes


Hey family how are we doing I hoe all is good and I hope dis do don’t ever happen to anyone for real need a separate power for set up my power cut off for a min or 2 so Piss off about that not good anyway ere a foto off them so tall

@Screwauger @Sirsmokes @skgrower @Mikos @Drillbit @dbrn32 @raustin @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 blessd all on this day of light and may the light alway be wid you


What nutes u using this time bro .


Same as b4 have not changed anything at the mo let get it rite then we change nutes in next one now I knw wat going on also this time also crop the top on one let get that rite and so on etc @Mikos


Hey family how are we doing I hope all is good so was checking in my lady’s and wow :open_mouth: for real I had to move the light rite to the top of the tent the kosher kush are gettin so tall I don’t knw wat to do and got time to go till December wat to do I was thinkin if they keep going taller then I need to cut off or bend them some now @Screwauger @Sirsmokes @Mikos @dbrn32 @Covertgrower any one else got input all good bless


You can slowly bend and tie them tops down or supercrop them


Wat do you think the best thing would be to do it wat would you do if you Wer ere wid them in yr tent and gettin taller they are in flower also the thing I did different was I played the most nicest instrumental roots and that’s wats happened I’m in stock still @Sirsmokes @Screwauger


I would tie them over to be more in line with other tops. Then you’ll get some nice buds along the stem too!!


Hey all how are we so another day so I opened the tent up and wT do I find i Fk left the red light on wat a sap I am I for got to switch the timer bak on so it turns off anyway have I messed anything buy that happenin and also the k kush jst keep gettin taller nuts and the other 3 are good but the other are taller then me and I is 5:11 ft tall n it keep going had to move light even more and it will not go any more I have also tied and pulled to the side all I can do @Screwauger @Sirsmokes @dbrn32 @Mikos


Just once should be ok but just try not to push it bro


Well it happen b4 but that was wen I change to 12/12 well it’s not happening again the time is on for 15min at 6am wen lights go off any way other then that all is good I think it’s stop gettin taller now well I hope it has even tho it was a bit taller but are lookin good and the other 3 the Afghan the cookie and cheeses o so nice can’t wait have took clones but some are jst taking to long to root and a few have already they will be going in to flowers soon wen this lot is done and also got my Shuggz gold going so they will be ready To go soon as well but wid them I wanna see how big I can get in the mid range pots I got in jst cause of wat happen to the the kushs and they are in yr normal pots wid 30cm openin and the 3 other are in big pots and only about 3ft talk compeared to the kush so let’s see bless fam happy growing all @Mikos @Screwauger @Sirsmokes


The cheese the Afghan the cookie


Bruv thy looking great. I just got confirmation of my prize win for the soft secret comp in june i wanted to ask what you think of the lumii 630 DE solar grow light twin bulb. ??


I agree with others. If you can try to gently bend them away from light.


Well try to get pic and I got illumi my self wid the ballast has the switch so it will do 250-400-600/to 650 or it mite be 630 well it the flower switch I don’t knw well any way it’s a good one I got but the only thing is there sunblast are no good wen you switch to flower bet on the 600 is fine but the other illumi ballast I got a diff sunblast in it and u can put on flower and is fine ere is a foto of the ballast wat is x2illumi and the two diff sunblast lights the 2nd sunblast is the better one



Hey family how are we doing I hope all is good so another day of good growing and smoking of the best well any how so we go in the tent today and my lady’s look good still the kosher kush are tall but the funny thing is that 2 of the pots are the normal black pot I started wid and I never got them that big jst the size of the Afghan skunk about 3:5ft tall jst hope I got lots of it ere is some foto @Screwauger @Sirsmokes @dbrn32 @Mikos @raustin


Looking good brother!


They look great!