Permanently Outside by HvtAna

Hi guys! I dont know if someone remembers me… i ve been missing 2 years! I pop out with this new account cause I lost my old one! I hope I ll find all the users I knew years ago!

For the begining im showing up with a new outdoor grow wich I hope we make it to autumn together!

Here are my beautiful little wannabeladies permanently outside (8 days from seed):

2 Jack47 ; 2 GorrilaGlueXWhite Widow ;
2 Thai Fantasy .

They are living in 4 litre pots to have more control over them cause the weather isnt with me for the moment.
More updates coming soon and I hope I will find my old mates again!
Missed you all, Ana !


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Fantastic , we all have had some set backs , Thanks for your return my friend , we love what you have to offer in any way !!


Omg !!! You remembered? Im so happy! I will never dissapear again!

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@HvtAna12 Set to watching!:grin:

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I’m gonna tag along as well, if you don’t mind :v:

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:notes:Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. :notes:

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I’m a newbie, but I’ll watch along!! I just had to move one of my ladies outside cuz she was lagging behind and taking up too much space. :pensive:

Good luck with the grow, can’t wait to see what it brings!!

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Its been almost 2 years since I have posted anything on this site myself. Its good to see you growing again even after that set back where you had your plants stolen prior to harvesting. I will try and keep up on your grow this year as you did great as a first time grower on the last one you shared on here.

Also as always keep tagging me if you have questions. :+1:


Happy to have you back, and I do remember you. Wasn’t @HvtAna1988 your other screen name?@HvtAna12

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starting a new guerilla grow soon

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Damn, I think I just joined when I read this story. If I recall, it was a friend that was going to help with trimming or something.

What a bummer.

Welcome back @HvtAna12!


Good memory, LF’!! Very good! To goooood :smile: Exactly!!! Thank you for reappearing! Its nice to hear from you.


Yes, you got me too ! Glad to see you arround! :star_struck:


Feel free to stop my journal anytime you feel like it.


Yeahhhhh! And that friend was even a girl! What a bummer female actually :smile: . Thank you!


Happy 01June for everybody! I dont know whats happening in others country but at me its Kidsday… I still feel the child in me :smile: .

So, as it goes… nothing new in one day, my girls are doing very good just bathing like that in late evening sun. They suffered rainy cloudy days only since they merged from soil.

Some new chicks around as you can all see so … im doing some introductions again:

Little 9 days girls from seed in little pots:

  • 2 Thai Fantasy (Kannabia)
  • 2 GorrilaGlueXWhiteWidos (ExpertSeeds)
  • 2 Jack47 F1 fastvers.(Sweet Seeds)

-1week old from seed in 30l fabric pot is a curious WhiteWidow auto (Dinafem);

  • and those 2 autoflowers ladies wich are enjoying her flowers now… well, lets just say they are my tiny little secret experiment (growing in 60l splittn inside pot).
    Im thinking to play with you my friends a guessing strains game! Wont tell what strains they are… maybe you can figure it later, when they are gona be close to harvest :smile: smile: :wink: . The secret ladyes arent giant nor some big yelders but for sure they gona offer some good “candys” in the future :yum: . They stayed outside in cold temps, maximum 15degress during day, 2/3 during night.

Have a wonderful day/night! :hugs:


They are looking good!:grin: sorry if you did say or not earlier and I missed it, but are you putting the Autos into the ground or growing them 100% in pots?

No, 1 auto is in a 30l fabric pot forever inprisoned there… and that green flowering lady stays where she is. Just the 6 photoperiod girls in small pots will be transplanted in the future.

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