Watered my first cannabis plant for grandpa’s outdoor garden in 1987. When grandpa sold the farm in 1991 and moved to town in another state we had no place to safely grow outdoors.

I went indoors with my dad and uncles until 1999. I then went back outside alone in 2000 doing gorilla grows. Since then I have been doing indoor and outdoor consulting and grows of my own.

I have 33 years total experience, indoor- all methods, outdoor- all methods, and grown pretty much most of the main genetics that make up the strains today. I even grow grandpa’s original family strain… he knew a good one when he bred it.

These days I mainly spend my time breeding new strains and letting my buddies get to test them out. One day I might find the time to share what I am doing, but until then I check in once in a while on here.

If you have any growing questions just ask… I do not mind lending my knowledge to those trying to heal their minds and souls.