Painfree garden journey

Did a dab and grabbed the phone for some pics. Feels like I’m tripping :soccer: :basketball: :football:.


Beautiful photos


Awsome pics. That pattern in the seeds is always cool to look at.

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I read somewhere that the pattern is representative of the fibonacci sequence.

here is a description of how it works

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Very cool.

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I really enjoy some of the patterns that occur in nature.

Me too. It’s about stopping for a second to enjoy what’s around us. Put me in a room of people and watch me melt. Get me in a room of plants and I’m walking around looking touching. Lol. People suck. Nature is freaking cool :sunglasses:


Remembering why I left here before. Not much has changed so I’ll just step back and move on. A few great people on here. True brothers. ( and sisters) without the ability to really chat with someone due to rules. ( I do understand it ) I’m just not in to one way relationships and that’s what this place is about. If your in the club your good if your not it’s just crickets when you reach out.
Some of us did pay to be able to chat but well that’s gone with the lab.


Would i be able to give you my email

well damn man…where you headed?


Hit me up here if youre on another sicial network unless legal stuff makes that unacceptable at this time. Im in a legal state so not concerned about sharing who i am or where.


What is that where it says bergmans lab next to your name

Great shots! The blue colors are especially outstanding!

Only place I hung was here and CannaBuzz. I’m over finding out members that have passed without a way to have really gotten to know them on here. Friendships are what help build this place with abilities that are not allowed anymore.


I joined too…for the halibut.