Outdoor guerilla grow in the Alaskan Bush: the 3 Stooges





The girls actually seem to be doing well! Crazy! They’re not drinking nearly as much b/c of the cold, but they’re growing & budding!


Ok @blackthumbbetty there is a cheat to heat if u drive there put a drayer vent threw the tent and run it out the top of the tent and other end to ur exhaust you will get the heat from exhaust without the Chems from exhaust it’s a cheat for cold parts of the time you are there


Honestly, it’s cheaper for me to run a power cord out there. I have a Triton V10 pickup. It costs me a few bucks just to start it up. Plus, I just don’t think I would trust my tent ducting to keep my plants 100% safe from automotive exhaust. Great thinking outside the box, though!


Ya I had the v10 and it passed everything except the gas station lol


I’ve decided to end the grow. There’s no way these plants are going to do much w/o being brought inside. They started flowering over a month ago, and still no buttons, just a few pistils here & there.

I really don’t want to just let them die, but there’s nothing else I can do. It’sceven crossed my mind to bring them inside, but nonono, that’s against my cardinal rule!

I will unplug the light later. I will not cull them, but I will no longer try to keep them warm. I will put them under the skylight & let them fade away into the autumn.


Awe, I’m sorry, but it’s probably for the best if you want to keep peace with the wife.


At this point, I’m not even worried about her. She has no idea what’s going on in the camper, but she knows my indoor grow has started. Unless I hook up heaters 24/7, though, that camper won’t do much to help, anymore.

I just feel bad growing them, but not being able to take them through their whole life cycle. I actually feel bad about wasting their lives, if that makes any sense?


It makes perfect sense, I would feel the same way. It’s like a waste of life. I even feel bad when I cut them down for harvest. But what can you do, you live in Alaska after all.


I understand completely. I hate culling.


Truth be told…I just couldn’t do it. They’re still under light, at least through the weekend.


@blackthumbbetty ya sry to hear but unplugging that light is going to be one of the hardest steps to complete.


Sorry @blackthumbbetty! That sux. Maybe next year will be better.


I understand :cry: Sometimes we just have to do what we have to do whether we like it or not. I’m still trying to figure out if I can try to grow in my unheated garage this winter & stay stealthy. You’ve really worked hard to keep those babies going & done great so far so please don’t get too discouraged :hugs:


What state do you live in? I bet you could grow in an unheated garage over the winter, if you can get a space heater out there with your light. You can do it, Granny!

It’s dipped down to the 20’s several nights, and the girls out in the camper are doing just fine. I went out Friday to unhook the light, but the daytime temp inside the camper was balmy & the girls smelled so stanky, that I just couldn’t do it.


Rural Nebraska. Garage (little to no insulation) only has a 15 amp breaker and I had a small electrical fire running a space heater for the dogs a couple of years ago. My plan is to build an insulated grow chamber and I’ve been saving for a low amp space heater. One step at a time and if I can’t pull it off this year I’ll be ready for next year. Can’t use the basement as I have bad wiring there … heck the whole house wiring is a mess :rage:
Anyhow I’m glad you’re giving your girls a chance. They may just surprise you :grin:


See I told you hardest step is to unplug just let them grow you would be surprised how low the temp can go and they will still grow light and water don’t waste nutes on a experiment that’s my opinion


Just went out & checked. Moe is finally stacking up some buds. Lights still on 12 hours each night, off during the day. I will go feed and water them tonight. Yes, feed. :grinning: I’m using an old nute line that I won’t be using anymore, so it’s not wasting anything.

Damn her for starting to make real buds, b/c now I can’t just let her die.


Time to feed, again! I still don’t think I’ll be able to get them all the way through til harvest, but now it’s b/c my electric bill: my indoor grow is getting ready to go into flower, so my lights are getting kicked up a notch & my ventilation system will be put into full gear.

I will keep going until I’m yelled at about the electric bill.

I’ll feed the girls tonight.

If they do make it to harvest, they should start getting some crazy color soon, with the cool temps they’re growing in.

I’m actually so freaking happy, right now. I must have done something right, for once! They’re growing so well for being shoved in an outdoor closet w/ nothing but a cheap blurple to keep them warm & give them light…and that’s only on for 14 hours a day.

I hope they make it to harvest. I was counting on that herb to get me through til my inside harvest. I have 1/2 oz of smoke left, which has to last til mid November. Bahahahahahahaha! Yeah, I’m gonna be the resin queen in about a week.


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In 5 days, the flowers have quadrupled in size, too!