Outdoor guerilla grow in the Alaskan Bush: the 3 Stooges



Welcome to my great experiment! I’ve been hemming & hawing over starting a clandestine outdoor grow, while working out in the bush. It’s taken me several months to decide to go for it, so I am.

I am starting about 2 weeks later than I had hoped, which could be a problem if the weather turns before September. Otherwise, as long as my bosses don’t catch wind of what I’m doing, all should be fine. :grinning:

I’m doing this on a shoestring budget; I am using only items I already have on hand, plus a bag of soil. I plan on growing 2 Diesel Autos & 1 Auto Kush plants (all freebie seeds), using 3-5 gallon smart pots. The location is nice & sunny, yet sheltered from too much wind. I’ll feed with my leftover AN line, if/when needed.

There is a great chance that this experiment will fail, b/c of weather or my not being able to care for the plants as regularly as I would like. I’m ok with the odds, though. Gotta play to win, right?

I won’t be able to start the grow until Wednesday 6/27. I’ll start them using a heated & covered germination station, rapid rooters, and a 300w led light. After they get going, I’ll start the hardening off process. I’m hoping to have them in their wild home by mid-July. Where I work is off grid: we run on generators & solar panels, so things aren’t going to be perfect.

Everything but the soil is in this magical mystery box!

Thoughts from the evening garden
Blackthumb betty's 6 auto strain next (mis)adventure! 2/13/18

That does sound like a good plan. Just curious, what does an ounce of weed cost up there? Seems stuff up there is pricey.


Blackmarket prices are anywhere from $250-$300. Not sure about dispensaries.


@bryan at an expensary it’s about $130 for 7 grams. Legal prices. Black market isn’t any different, and you don’t even know what you’re getting. Yeah, growing your own is much more affordable inspite of start up costs here. @blackthumbbetty
I’m strapped in for this secret grow! Thanks for posting that link in your previous journal.


Wow! $130 for a 1/4?! That’s highway robbery!


Meanwhile in MA, where the first licenses to grow and sell have finally been produced, the street value of weed is 25% of that.

I’d love to look at the books of a major grower in Colorado and see what their overhead and markup are.


If I went to my weedman for a 1/4, he’d charge me $80 for Shiva.


The baby nursery/closet is all set. The noise from the light & fan is masked by the sound of the generator.

Now, to get the seeds into their starters. Unfortunately, the only thing I forgot were the rapid rooters, so I am making some little pods with paper towels & light warrior. I think they’ll work great!

Once all ready to go, I’ll leave the pods in the heated, domed germination station for 48 hours, no light the first 24hours. When the generator goes off at 10p, I’ll move the tray to the kitchen (on top of oven) to keep them warm overnight.

To the pods, I added voodoo & b52 with the water (pH’d to 6.5).


Sounds like this will be interesting. I will be following along to see what it is like to grow in Alaska. :grinning:


Here’s my sad, mostly empty germination station. 4 seeds planted (2 of each), but I only want 3 plants.


So the topic could change to 4 outdoor hahaa


I’d take 4. Heck, I’d love to do 6 or more, up here. Sadly, I only have 3 pots with me & just enough soil for them. :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Ohhh No!! You mean that one of em might get thrown into that lush Alaskan soil. Heaven forbids lmafo


If you count rocks & tundra as lush soil…sure! :grinning:


This is going to be interesting… Im following along!


I’m coming along for the ride :+1:


Thanks for following along, all!

I’ve decided not to move the tray to the kitchen. At night, besides the ambient heat on the flat-top, the kitchen is actually quite cold. Plus, I don’t want to have to explain that to anybody. :grinning:

We’re only powerless from 10p-5:45a, so it’s not too long w/o heat. Once the lights are running, during outtage, the seedlings will go into my bathroom (private); it’s lit by bright natural light until about 2 am, bringing the total light time to about 18+ hours a day.

My boss has been busy planting our garden. It’s finally been getting warm enough. So, I’m thinking I actually did a good thing by starting so late. :hugs:


It’s been 24 hours since the seeds were placed into the germination station. I turned on the light, starting it at 30" above the top of the dome. I’ll start counting the days once they’re above ground.

With the light on, no fan, and the door to the closet closed, temps are staying at 80F. I didn’t bring a hygrometer, so won’t be able to monitor humidity as closely as I’d like.


Gave each pod a tsp of plain h2o. Temp went up to 85, but after just barely cracking the door, the temp went back down to 80. Once the heatmat is off & the fan is on, I bet the temp will stay nicely at about 80.

I hope to see at least one head pop-up tomorrow.

Good night!


Looking forward to the grow set to watching.