OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


They used to be great. And worst part is they have a brand new warehouse here. A massive one. I ordered my ph meter and it took 3 days to finally ship it… from the warehouse like 15 miles away from me which was then delivered the next day. I wish they had a customer pick up for things that were at that place. I literally drove right by the place the day after I ordered.


Last time I got this upset on an order. I ordered my nephew his wood router when I got him involved in making custom hand routed signs. They shipped it out and while tracking it I saw it ship from one location in MD Item left there and got shipped back there. When I asked about the delay they tried to lie and say it got left at another warehouse. I called bullshit on it right away.


I feel ya , one year I ordered 6, 100 dollar tablets for the kids Xmas, buy one week b4 Xmas still hadn’t received, so cancelled, got money back and bought other gifts, then 23rd of DEC guess what showed up on my door step BONUS LOL
they just opened up a Walmart distribution center close to were I live and there hiring like crazy, but there competing with Amazon and best buy for workers, avg 16-17 hour .


Props on the bonus. Lol… I live in a rural area and everything is a drive. So we order most things online. Only go to town once or twice a month for food. I buy so much online I should buy stock n these companies.


I miss the country do much, my developed MS and we were at doctors so much, and the kids were lined up to graduate like planes taking off,so to town we moved…I really miss smoking outside and being able to pee anywhere lol


Lol yeah nice to pee off the porch on a whim. Hell wife peeled out of her clothes 2 summers ago and hosed herself off in the yard. Not talkin’ about leaving bra and panties on. Not a stitch of clothing on her. Lol.


Hell ya, your wife sounds like the perfect country girl! ( all due respect :slight_smile:) nothing like that privacy, its just a stress relief
We loved hot August nights, just lay back in arm chair floaty, get baked while floating around looking up and a billion stars!


Yeah Randy, she’s as country as country can get… Wouldn’t have her any other way.


Man now I need 2 nerve pills the size of a pancakes. Transplanting is even more delayed. They cancelled my order again and this time they charged my card. And the funds won’t be released back to my card for 5 flipping days. So now I can’t order my fabric pots for 5 more days and then have to wait on them. “F” Walmart. Card wasn’t even supposed to be charged unless item ships. This is BS. Just told the wife, needless to say she’s none to pleased about the situation. Hell by the time I get these transplanted I’ll feel like I’m doing a Solo cup challenge.

Well other than that the only update to report is that I topped them yesterday 4th node up from the 3 leaves. This will enable me to take bottom cuttings for clones leaving me 6 branches to lolipop as they grow for 6 colas. Since I’m still going to grow these in a SOG fashion but each plant having 6 colas instead of one. Not growing bushy monsters his run.


Y we’re in the same boat I’m in the process of finding out what veg time is optimal to leave enough branches for cloning yet the yield won’t suffer yet the time won’t increase drastically so I’m playing with clones right now I already tried a no veg. Definitely not what I’m looking for I have a successful film I have successful tops and I have completely untouched and I have Monster cropped clones so I’m going to see what all those do in 6 weeks then flower


Fresh update: Wifey loves me. She got the new 5 gallon fabric pots on her card. They will be here Wednesday. Time to get this run rolling along.


Update on the girls: 10 of em’ were topped the other night. Gave em’ all a feed watering tonight. Each one got 40ml. They should be perky in a few hours. Wednesday seems like it can’t get here soon enough so they can get transplanted into the fabric pots. Next pics should be of them in their new home. Last seeds that popped are in the other room. They probably won’t get transplanted for another 10 - 14 days.


Come along for the ride @Strokeman @stretchgfw.1957


Awesome man. Thanks. Glad to he here.:sunglasses:


Welcome aboard @stretchgfw.1957 `Glad to have you. Pull up a seat. Once these go in their pots they are going to take off… Been up all night changing the grow room around for this run.


@OldSchoolGrower, only way I’m riding on this train is if I’m in the :seat: with a dark cup of joe! Just kidding, it’s hard to stop the railroader ways sometimes!:call_me_hand:

Set to stalk!


Well after all the delays, fabric pots finally arrived today. So will be transplanting late tonight. Should have new pics to post by early morning. Tagging you to ride along @Hotrod98s


Glad they finally made it. Took their sweet ass time for sure.


Tell me about it brother. Had to order twice do to cancelations on their part. Then order a separate 3rd time through Amazon. Should have just ordered through Amazon to begin with like I do with everything else. But I tried to kill 2 birds with one stone when I ordered them with my bags of soil.


Yeah that’s my luck to. But they finally made it so I guess that’s better than nothing. There’s a place not to far from me that has pretty close to online prices on growing supplies. Well for nutes and pots, soil etc. So I’m going to try to check with them first from now on. Save me the shipping headache.