OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


Placed an order last week that showed up today. 7 days and one day was a Sunday and Monday was a holiday. Some Super Skunk. Seeds looked great. Decent size to them, nice color. Very pleased with them. Plop; into the jars of water they went. Was planning on popping 10. Funny thing happened as I was opening the bag and putting them on a paper towel. One shot out and disappeared. So took out another seed and put it in to make 10. Turned the light on my phone and started lookin’ for the seed that went poof. Wife said; “You’ll never find it.” 5 minutes later; “I Found It.” So I tossed it in with the other ones. Should have put it in a separate jar and labeled it, “The one that tried to get away.” Lol… Well 11 it is then. Finding it, sure seemed like a Sign to me…

Thinking about most likely a short veg on them before flipping to flower. May veg them a lil’ longer before flip. Going to lollipop most of them. If it wasn’t for winter coming and cooler temps, I wanted to run some Banana Kush. Oh well, maybe next run. I’ll keep updating as things progress.

Sub up everyone, come along for the ride.
Happy Grows Everyone…

2nd grow, 1st Auto super skunk ILGM seeds

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Looks like you are off to a good start


Thanks Hornhead. Will be Rockin’ the Green boat…


Cool man watching over here


Yup. Im pulling up a chair and getting comfortable. Best of luck with the girls.


I’m watching too!


Hey hey hey ,whatta ya’ll say. Maybe I should have brought popcorn for everybody.

Gorilla Glue #4, Super Skunk (fem) Update

How’s everyone doing? Here’s a fresh update. Threw 11 Super Skunk seeds in water for about 20 hours. Then put em’ in paper towels. Checked on them 21 hours later. 100% Success rate. All 11 germinated. Also took the bottom 2 nodes and most of the 2nd nodes from the Gorilla Glue for 4 clones. Put the 11 germinated seeds and the 4 GG clones in Rapid Rooters in my Cloner with aerator in it. Sprayed the dome before putting it on. Under the lights they went. Next day and a half or two, it will seem like watching water boil. Lol… Daddy’s gonna have a fresh group of girls to play with. Only girls the wife will allow around me. Lol…


Gorilla Glue #4, Super Skunk(fem)

Got up today,

And what do I see.

Six new babies;

Staring back at me…

Well got 6 sprouts poking out into the new world. Feel like a proud father with the urge to hand out cigars to everyone. I’m thinking about removing them from my Cloner and putting them in a separate container so the Rapid Rooters don’t stay so wet and spray them as needed so the roots can get some oxygen. Also they’ll probably be better off directly under my light without the dome now. Hopefully the other 5 will sprout by tomorrow.

Also did some training on the Gorilla Glue. Tied the main shoot over, encouraging growth on the side branching. Debating about topping it or continuing to train it which is what I prefer. Most likely going to train it in both directions against the back wall, since most of the Super Skunk will be run in a sort of SOG fashion. Will probably grow some as a single top cola, while others I will top and prune to grow as 2 colas. Depending on room and lighting. May grow a couple of the stronger ones as 4 colas.

Until I can build my separate chambers with mylar on them. I saw a $8.00 deal on a 12 pack of thermal blankets that came yesterday. Will have enough to line the closet that the seedlings and clones are in, as well as the back veg and flower room.

Now Grow, Groooww My Lil’ Pretties…


Out of likes but definitely watching! I’ve fallen in love with super skunk strain!


Yeah. I’m a lil’ excited about having it in this run with the Gorilla Glue. Guess I should see who I can grab in here with us. Watching your new grow as well. @Whodat66 @raustin @peachfuzz @SmoknGranny come along for the ride.


Ride along @BigJon


I’m following along now. Looks like you’re going to have a full house once all of your seedlings and clones take. It going to be an interesting ride! :eye: :eye:


Going to float on the odor. Lol. I live out in a rural area. But a carbon filter for the back room may be needed on this run.


@ReeferRod You want to ride along.


Wow. I have s spare bedroom, and if I turned it into a grow room I might have enough room for all those - might…

I guess the question is what will you do with all that product?


Room is no problem here. Actually​ have 2 spare rooms. As far as what I will do with that much product; Medicate heavily…


“I don’t smoke any more, just decarb big buds and eat them on a sandwich” :rofl:


I’ll take 2 sandwiches please. Smoking’s a lot safer than jumping out of perfectly good airplanes…


I was just looking at all the tops that the “65gallon growbag” dude had, and what you might have to resort to to use it before it rots :slight_smile: