Original fan leaves turning yellow - Normal?

Strain; AK-47

Soil in pots - Happy Frog potting soil (came with grow box)

System type - Grandmas Secret Garden 4.0

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir N/A

What is strength of nutrient mix - I use the samples that came with the grow box. Rx Green Solutions Part A Grow 1-0-1, and Part B Grow 0-1-2. I use a very light feeding (highly diluted)


Light system, size - Whatever comes with the Grandmas Secret Garden grow box from Dealzer

Temps; N/A
Humidity; N/A
Ventilation system; Yes, Two computer size ventilation fans.

AC - Has an air compressor, but due to it’s loud noise, I don’t use it much.

Co2; Not really. I take the plant out of the box occasionally.

This is my first attempt at growing so am unfamiliar with all the stages my plant will go through. With that being said, I am almost to week 4 of veg and my original 2 fan leaves are turning yellow. All other parts of the plant are doing just fine, so I was wondering if this is normal for the original fan leaves to die off or is this the start of something? I don’t have a ph tester yet, but I’ve ordered one.

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Hey @Tbing77. A picture would be awesome but I’m guessing PH will be the issue, as you said you have a tester on order. So important to have the correct PH. With a pic (in normal light) we might be able to help better.

And knowing temp and humidity would be helpful :slight_smile:

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I was just about to type > one of the really helpful people here will answer you soon and up popped your answer @Matthew420

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Thank you :slight_smile: I’m just a member here popping around. Not a pro though.

I was actually thinking what it could be, then when i saw your answer i was thinking to myself >of course, but i wasnt sure so i didnt answer

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A good thought can “stem” from anywhere, if you have ideas you should share.


If you’re talking about the very first 2 single “spiked” fan leaves, then yes, it’s totaly normal @Tbing77. However, like said @Matthew420, a picture can be really helpful for us to help you :grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:

Ok, I attached some pictures. I don’t know the temp or humidity inside the box. I haven’t been tracking either. I think the exhaust fans keep it fairly close to room temperature, which is around 70f-72f.

When you get your pH under control one other thing you might want to keep in mind.

Several other growers and I have found that AK-47 will require extra calcium. It really uses it esp during flowering. I had a problem with mine until I started adding Ca/Mg to the feeding. The second time I started using it right away in veg and it never had a problem. I started low in veg and increased slowly until I got to flowering. Then I used 5ml/gallon of water. The pH will make a huge difference as far as the plant being able to use it.


That temp is great if that’s what it is.

I think the PH meter will be revealing. Are you using tap water?


I totally agree with @TxGrowman, it look like early stage of calcium deficiency @Tbing77, AK-47 is more suceptible to it.

[quote=“Tbing77, post:1, topic:9553”]
Rx Green Solutions Part A Grow 1-0-1, and Part B Grow 0-1-2. I use a very light feeding (highly diluted)

So begin by following the standard dilution of Rx Green Solutions that is : 12 ml / gallon , here’s the chart if you do not have it

Hoping that’s helping you

~Al :v: :innocent:


@Matthew420, Rx Green Solutions nutrients are suppose to work like this

It is a specialized cannabis nutrients

~Al :v: :innocent:


And in their site they claim that it’s more effective between 4.7 and 5.5 pH and they also claim that it’s for all grow media and hydro .

I am as surprise as you propably are :grinning::wink:

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Yeah, I did some reading before on self-adjusting nutes. Didn’t realize that’s what was being used here.

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That is an interesting find. I guess i will make sure to keep the ph within
those parameters.

Well water. I’ll be sure to check it’s ph level.


Good to know! I’ll pick some up.

You seem to be on the right track. I would just reiterate:


Get the idea? PH will make or break you. Check it regularly.

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Wow! Carbolic acid has a pH of 2.5-3.0. In all my years (going on 10) of hydro growing I have never heard of letting pH go below 5.5 or above 6.1. I would go, and do go, into an utter panic if my pH was in the 4-5 range. I do not use those nutrients, and given this information, I do not intend to. Why not just dump some hydrochloric acid in your buckets? I’m sure the plants will love it! Ugh…

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Yeah, I know, I am doubtful too, however, this compagny seem’s to do their home work and have a patented nutrients they claim to work at these pH level and are specialized in cannabis growing and like they claim, no pH adjustement required until unacceptable level and again, I quote them,…

Until proven otherwise, who am I to go against recommanded specification from a respect known Colorado specialized cannabis nutrients furnisher and experienced grower and they also sponsered by dealzer !?

I personnaly ask pin point questions for them to answer, in the mean time, here’s something to you @DissidentPriest a link with information you can chew on…


~Al :v: :innocent: