Organic Soil 101

Hello all, first off a big thank you to all you experienced

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What are you needing to know about organic soil

Do you want to know how people are doing there soils and what they put in them whether or not they use Gai green or jacks or down to Earth products or if people are using compost in there pots

Hello all, first off a big thank you to all you experienced growers that take the time to help us beginners. I have just finished my second grow with great success with a lot of research on this forum.
I would like to do a complete organic grow next round and have been doing research and im still pretty confused. First off i would like to use as much of the fox farm product as possible being i have two farm supply stores nearby that carry there full line of soil and fert. Ok lm dumb as a rock on this subject and would like to know what is meant by living soil, super soil, compost tea, top dress? Do you have to fert when growing in organic soil or is or is there a water only recipe. I keep a very busy schedule and would like to keep it simple as possible. I would love to see some of you guys secret recipes with some of your results.Thanks everyone

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If you want to stick with Fox Farms all there soils are organic there liquid nutes are not totally organic but there dry nutrients are

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If water only some of us use Earth Dust by The Green Sunshine Company with great results. Up to 12 auto in 5gal a kit. Less on photo. Cook soil then water only. Ammend once maybe twice in flower depending on strain needs. Ph in range is wide so most tap water well etc go right in. Just add a touch of vitamin c to negate chlorines. If simple is what you seek @MeEasy is our resident E.D. pro. Has the most experience with it. Many other brands but this works and is super duper simple.

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Fox farm has dry nutes? I didn’t know that. I will check it out. Thanks

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Yes they have dry nutrients I believe @oldmarine is the ff dry nutrients expert here

@Reed71 @Aussie_autos i muffed up my post, my question is below your first reply. Thanks for replying

@HRBJr i recharge all my soil i top dress with freshly made compost the fresh compost feeds your soil plus my water come from creek and i do not filter it i live in ky and everyone knows how good we grow race horses and blue grass lol

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Aha ok no worries

@Storm hope you don’t mind me asking but when you say cook the soil and amend it a couple of times do you mean put it in my large crawfish boiling pot and simmer it or something? Amend it, is this a concoction of mixing organic fert that you water in. I wasn’t bullshitting when i said 101. Lol @oldmarine @MeEasy yes i see these names regularly on the forum, maybe when they get time they will throw me a couple tips. As always, Thanks

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Cooking is mixing it in soil. Adding water and letting it grow"cook" the bacteria for a few weeks before planting. Ammending is addimg boost to it at flower. Very easy.


Yes, you will need to fertilize with Fox Farm. But it’s a good starting point if you want to get to a water-only grow.

Do your first couple grows in it, using whatever fertilizer you choose. Once you have a few old root balls, you’re going to compost (“cook”) them. This compost will become your water-only super living soil.

Most compost recipes call for some ratio of Nitrogen (“green”) to Carbon (“brown”), with a dash of native soil, for minerals, and CEC (clay is preferred).

Your old roots will provide the carbon, and other nutrients once used by the plant such as phosphorus and potassium. To this you can add your organic fertilizers, high in Nitrogen. Enough for like 3-4 months according to the directions, if any.

Now water this in, add some composting worms, and come back in about 2 months (it should take you at least this long to flower your next grow). This is now your water-only super soil.


@CurrDogg420 that what it’s all about no feedings that’s my goal probably your’s too my friend


Thought you all would like this


@dirtydave @Reed71 @Storm @Aussie_autos @CurrDogg420 @oldmarine so sounds like i should be good with my happy frog, perlite 70/30 mix. I see a lot of people use worm castings in there soil, would there be any benefit to adding this to my 70/30 mix and what % if so?
So sounds like i can go ahead and plant in this, use some organic fert save the dirt and root ball and compost for future grow? If i mix and store for a couple months or so how do i activate the cooking process, do i mix in my large storage containers, add water and seal it up or does it need to breathe? As of right now i guess i will be looking into the fox farm organic fert unless there are better options? Im sure everyone tweaks there soil and fert a little different and would appreciate any,all tips. Sorry for all the questions but i would like to try all organic next grow and would like to start prepping my soil. As always, Thanks


The Fox farm already has castings, it will get you by for a month or two, after that you’ll want to fertilize thru flower.

Sounds like you got the idea. It does need air, it’s a key to the process. You just need to add the ingredients and keep them moist. If you add the worms they will go through your old roots like butter and cut the composting time in half.

@Reed71 has a great compost tumbler. Learn up on composting if you want to go organic. Your kitchen waste can also be fertilizer.

I’ve super oversimplified everything I discussed here, but you said you were looking for the 101 version. There’s an entire field of science dedicated to soil and another to plant biology.