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They do work very well with one caveat. Organic nutes do not play well with the lines (or any nutirent or supplement that settles or has sediment). @BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971

PS there are some YT videos of doods with the larger systems (12+) pots and the huge reservoir systems with 1/2" lines.


That sounds like it makes sense actually @Screwauger
When they clog are they a pain in the arse to clear ?


Well, yes/no @Countryboyjvd1971

I took the advice of experienced users and have a back up set of identical lines set up so in the event of a clog (I had none my first photo grow) you just shut off the tap and put the back up set of lines on.

Another guy recommends a large syringe (100ml+) and he uses pH’d water to flush the lines once each grow as preventive maintenance. As long as you set up your space where the lines are easy to get to, none of this presents much problem (so far) @BIGE


Other than peak veg/flower, the 12 gallon reservoir (I have two) will feed two plants for up to 11 days or more with res top ups.


Smoke Report Update
L to R 8 Ball Kush, Sweet Tooth, Kiwi Skunk and Cotton Candy Kush

8 Ball Kush
6 Week Cure. Has a mild, smooth hit. If there is any strong taste it is citrus(y). Harvested a tad early but has developed some of the traits described in the ILGM review. I call it “eye weed” as that is where you feel it the most. The buzz is mild and doesn’t last very long, mostly cerebral and sort of bland. I have another 8 Ball seed, not sure it will ever see the tent. Rate this #3 on scale of 1-4 with 4 being least favored.

Sweet Tooth
6 Week Cure. This strain has all super traits in my book except for buzz factor. I pulled it a tad early beacuse I am impatient. Period. This bud tastes great in bong or pipe or joint. It looks great, smells spicey or a tad piney in the bag but not when combusted, it has a sweet smell and that’s the best I can do. The buzz factor is mediocre to poor due to early harvest although it does give a good head and body stone for a short while. I have one bean left and look forward to growing and maybe cloning that plant or making her a mother for a bit. Overall a #2

Kiwi Skunk
3 Week Cure. Last week I was ready to give up on this strain. It smelled like hay in the jars, tasted like crap and just was not my cup of tea. Another week of burping and shazam, she’s a bullet. This strain has developed some great skunk aroma and flavor over the past week. This was my most mature plant and it packs a real punch but def not for daytime use unless you like to sleep. Wow, she kicks some butt. I look forward to even more cure on this Kiwi as it has amazed me and brought to light the importance of curing and PATIENCE. @bob31 tried to teach me but I was a headstrong student. This is currently the #1 strain of my First Grow.

Cotton Candy Kush
2 Week Cure. This strain has turned out to be a disappointment to me. This was the huge cola outdoor plant(s) in a smart pot. My first sativa dominant strain and maybe I just need to understand sativas. This plant also had about 20-30% loss to rot. Those huge colas would up being airy light buds that really have little weight or substance. The smoke is sort of tasteless or mildly citrusy, not bad but not good IMO. The buzz is fairly decent, heady and okay for daytime use. I am leaning toward grinding the entire harvest of this strain and have @Willd help me make bubble hash with it all. It rates a #4 of 4 for this grow.

All in all, the strains have improved markedly in the cure and I realize it is still early. I will give the CC it’s due time in the jars to see if it blossoms.

Thanks for sticking with it. Peace.
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Those were great reviews. It’s too bad they didn’t all live up to what you hoped for but I guess that goes for anything right? You have definitely delivered the message on the importance of curing though.


Hahaha, thanks AB @AnneBonny

I’ve been sampling as I go and the kiwi got me, I am baked so I appreciate your kind words.


You’re coming around to my way of thinking though! hahaha :grinning::palm_tree::v::+1:


Dude looking super delicious :yum:
Nice :+1:


I love the reviews and you have inspired me to cure longer…a lot easier to do when you got some on the shelf!


@Patsbasement lmfao yes it is easier when you something to smoke already haha :laughing:


Looks tasty!
Great job!


Update GCA; BBA 1 and BBA 2 November 2, 2017

Things overall seem to be progressing. Not liking 3 plants at different ages but, I will manage.

GCA Day 28 above Coco acoconut
On 2nd reservoir now. Autopots turned on Day 21. Nutes as follows 7.6ml/gal Sensi Grow A&B, 4.7ml/gal MagiCal. 7.6ml/gal Pro Silicate and 1ml/2.5gal Drip Clean

BBA 1 Day 15
3rd feeding today 1.5 L given as follows 1.5ml/L Sensi Grow A&B, 1ml/L MagiCal, 7.6ml/gal VooDoo Juice

BBA 2 Day 5
1st feeding today as follows 750ml given as follows .5ml/L Sensi Grow A&B, 1ml/L MagiCal, 7.6ml/gal VooDoo Juice

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4 days growth with Autopot.

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Day 24 6 inches tall

Day 28 10.5 inches tall


Looking healthy. Love the pics. @Screwauger


That’s some growth @Screwauger awesome… that system seems to work very well :+1::+1:


Got some lovely ladies!


@Screwauger,more tags,roflmao i was thinking the same thing when you all do that many tags,had a little giggle…is there an easier way,great picture, :slight_smile:


Thanks very much @Covertgrower

They do work great @WillyJ 4.5 inches growth in 4 days!!!

Thanks @Laurap

@aussie123556 hahaha. No other way that I am aware of. Thanks VM


they really look great @Screwauger

You guys down east really know how to grow! :+1::v::palm_tree::grinning: