One Down Two To Grow



Hey thanks everyone, the quote function is giving me trouble so I will wing it.

Thanks @Ronbowe63 I’ve been itching to grow the BBA but had my heart set on 2 green cracks, must adjust.

Thanks @Covertgrower, amazing how success breeds confidence.

@WillyJ Thanks very much. Only time will tell on the sensi but people like it with coco (I can’t use their coco specific line as it clogs tubing they say).

@DoomSack Thanks much. This grow I primarily have the cfl in there for photographing. I think my 4 x 135w LED’s will suffice for two auto’s. Hoping to angle one or two of them for some side lighting…

Thanks again for taking a look. Got my fingers crossed for some potent meds. One thing I learned the first go round PATIENCE. I pulled some of my plants early and they have good traits but not the punch I was looking for. Dried product has mostly mirrored glass trichomes so the key take away, let them go another week or two or three.

In my defense, I needed gear so badly I would have harvested early that first run regardless.


Your welcome @Screwauger! Anytime!


@Screwauger,looking great again,an am loving the format,might have to steal a few ideas for next thread,is easy to read an understand.:slight_smile:


Thanks @aussie123556 I “borrowed” it from @bob31


@Screwauger @aussie123556 and I stole it from someone else! Haha all good here in Weedville!


@Screwauger hey bud, you are going to need a carpenter to widen the doors in your house, you know, so you can fit your head through!
No really, congrats on a great job.
Saw your thread on Maine terms door yard etc I never heard of a deer yard except in Maine
When I moved from nh to ma 30 years ago I had to learn what a “packie run” was… in nh every gas station has beer and wine and you go to the state store for cheap booze…
Keep up the good work!


I’ve only heard the deer yard expression in two places. Maine and in Tennessee when I was in the service.

Packie run is a classic. We probably could do a whole topic on different expressions. A guy in the UK used the term and Bob’s you’re uncle after explaining how he pHd his water and he had to explain it to me lol… It means basically and that’s that!


@bob31,classic roflmao :slight_smile:


Theres an emoji for that :rofl:


BBA Day 10

GCA Day 24


Looking great! Nice and healthy @Screwauger


Thanks @WillyJ

This is an experiment for me. Can the autopots produce enough from two auto’s with just LST vs the 9 ounces I got from my scrog (2 photos). Time will tell.


All I can say is @Screwauger they look so beautiful and healthy. You have the green thumb. This going to be an awesome harvest. It’s always better the next time, and this is the next time.


Thanks VM @Covertgrower

I appreciate the kind words. I have high hopes for these auto’s but unfortunately, due to circumstances, they’ve had a rough start. Onward and groward…


Looking good there @Screwauger
Is that a drip watering system I see in the pots or what ?


Hey CB

What you are prob seeing are air lines. Each pot has an “airdome” in the base and I pump as much air as I can to them while the lights are on. @Countryboyjvd1971 These are Autopots and they are a passive hydro/continuous bottom feed (a valve allows only so much solution into the pots at a time) system fed by gravity. No electronics except for the air pumps.


Nice :+1: @Screwauger
I like it you bought it or made the set up yourself ?


No I bought them online after a bunch of research and reading journals of those using the autopots

It’s a UK company but they have warehouses in PA and CA I think. autopot-usa dot com @Countryboyjvd1971


Thanks buddy I’m going to look in them ASAP
Your obviously liking them :+1:


i’m digging that system too @Screwauger…nice,simple,and it looks like it works…
i will look into these