Off to a rough start

A question from a fellow grower:

I just recieved seeds in the mail. 6 altogether. 4x auto. 2x fem reg. I immediately placed all 4 autos n 1 reg fem in a cup of water. 3 cracked. 2 didnt including the 1 reg fem. I placed them onto paper towel. 2 outta 3 autos were plenty long enought to plant. The other is like 1/8in long. Been that way 20hrs or so. I just dont know if im doing it right. Ur stuff and bible dont give these answers.
And the 2 i planted. Its been 32hrs and not a pop yet.
I used ocean forest mixed with regular planting soil and added some canadian shamang peat moss. Moistened it not soaked it. I ran my fingers through it alot to air rate it then put it into solo cups. Poked my finger down to 1st knuckle. Dropped the tap root in and gently covered it. How long does it take. If u cam ease my pain.

Patience, while hard to find, is your best friend now.


I have 2 plants started…one took 4 days to show above ground, the second took 5 days.
There are people with really bad luck that have had seeds take 2 weeks plus!
Anywhere between 1 to 5 days is average.

Now, don’t peek! don’t go digging in the dirt. You do your part, warm, moist (not wet), the plant will do it’s part.

Do you do pH? what is the water’s pH?


I usually get new plants in 12-24 hours


[quote=“taleone, post:2, topic:5129”]
Patience, while hard to find, is your best friend[/quote]

Recently I had one seed take 20 days to come up

Like @AgentJay told me when I was a bit antsy over my seeds …patience!


Wow…you got some patience lol I wait 4 days if they don’t work toss them and buy more lol


Lol …you know, Ive heard of the legendary 3 week seedlings but I never thought I have one!

I’ve got only one healthy seedling out of five seeds from Vision Seeds (NL strain), very poor product, in my opinion

I usually order from seeds supreme, Oregon seed banks bonza seeds, UK, bc, and Amsterdam seed banks, id have to say my best result are from here, bc, uk, Oregon and bonza seeds

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I got the vision seeds from Bonza. But everything else from them was good and everything else I’d planted even in the too-wet root cubes came up and many have already caught the earlier Northern Light, just a weak strain …it happens, two were tiny little seeds ,at least two never cracked one was deformed and the other was the little 3 week seedling and one is normal

back right is normal NL, front right is the runt!

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Wild Thai

Sour grape

N.Y. diesel

A strain called cherry pie she was an experiment at the start and turned into a problem finally getting her fixed, she got messed up pretty bad lol but it happens

Purple urkle she is in flower now, and this is one harvest in hopefully 3 weeks also these guys are only a fraction of what I have lol.

I still have probably another 20-30 that haven’t made it to uploading

They look nice I’m guessing almost vegitative, the front 3 are you using a metal halide cfls (100watt) or t5 lights and fixtures

Nice-looking! I know cherry pie from some cross? …I think it was called cobbler but I’m not sure

I’m using a 600 super MH at 400 right now the front three are regular. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them? two are bag weed (more experiments than anything with those damn root cubes) and one is an Afghani r

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Ooo yum I’m a huge fan of Afghan lol taste great and the plants are a beautiful site lol. I have a 1000 watt metal halide saving for veg any ways, they are doing great under the total of 400 watts, the N.Y. diesel were regular that I got from a friend and they all turned out to be female the 2 I did receive from him, I got lucky, my opinion keep the regulars maybe experiment one and leave the other 2 until pre sexing stage than determine wheater to leave them or pull them granted its a lot of work for a gamble but it’s better to see if you have females before randomly doing away lol, not that that’s what you should do again that was an opinion

Well I got a couple autoflowers in the mix things didn’t go the way I’d planned LOL so now I’ve got to pot pourri in there!:frowning: I have a 250 halide and small closet right there that I might put the regulars in and flower for sex, right now I’m just not sure I can always transplant The Afghani (it’s in soil)

Sorry OP, didn’t mean to hijack the thread!

Oh no :weary: on the other hand it’s good to have one in soil :smile:

Agreed sorry OP, didn’t mean to hijack your thread, is there any thing else we can do to help

Man that one in that tote is gone be a monster with all that room for roots , oh my she is gone put one if you treat her right , I’ve seen some monster plants in just a 5 gallon or 10 gallon , but the size of that tub she should really put on the wieght .

I’d hope last one I put in there by harvest she was rootbound all the way to the bottom lol, this I think is doing it as well and had been there for about 3 months now lol she’s my prize that now under 1400 watts lol

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I don’t think it’s root bound yet , that’s plenty room in that tub . I growed a Kush plant in a 3 gallon and it never root bound , but the white widow did in the same size pot , which was very misleading to me , but you can never tell from strain to strain .

Ive sent @garrigan62 a picture of the one that rooted through the 20 gallon I think, if it wasn’t that it was a 5 gallon pretty positive it was the 20 gallon I can’t keep mine in any less than a 20 gallon lol the get huge thick white roots that look like mop hairs lol

When she harvests and I dump the bucket ill show you, lol it’s possible I’ve seen it before