Ocean's grow bb kush/mango kush

Day 9 from droping seeds in water and day 8 from sprout showing


I’m a retired grandma who’s only been growing alittle over a year and just finishing my 1st outside grow. I’ve been following black moon and came across you and would like to follow your grow. I’m always interested in how cannabis grows all over the world, I’m in very middle of US in North East Oklahoma. :sunflower:

Ha - we may be neighbors @Amazon66, gotta be pretty close - same NE corner

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@Ocean If you made a change to Coco as a medium and Jacks321 as a Nutrient Package I believe you would be happy with the results. Straight Coco holds water water longer than Coco with perlite. :peace_symbol: Happy Growing :herb:

I’m between Tulsa Oklahoma and Joplin Missouri, finally I can have a legal grow.

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Day 10…they were about 95% dry, so I gave them 4oz each with a first feeding of FF big bloom, 1tsp/gal and 3ml/gal of cal mag…ph was 6.3,

one of the leaves on one of them looks odd…any idea what it could be?

Upon a little close investigation, here is a close up all all 4…they all have a tiny difference in leaf development, maybe cal mag issue, or lights a tad too close? @Hellraiser

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I actually think it might be a slight calmag deficiency, since I mix small amounts of water at a time (only 1L), I been using 1ml of calmag, which SHOULD equal out to about 3.8Ml/gal. Maybe when I water I should up that to about 1.3ML/L, that should be the equivalent of 5.02ML/gal.

My real question here is did I catch it in time.

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Closer inspection and I see tiny yellowing spots…clear indiscretion according to my research

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Yeah move light up some and go a bit heavier on the calmag, looks pretty good though.

Day 11…one of the blackberrys really seems to be outpacing the rest :thinking:

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Day 12 from dropping seeds in water, day 11 from sprout:

Mango 1:

Mango 2:

Blackberry 1:

Blackberry 2:

Cruising right along I’d say :star_struck:

Also dropped a super silver haze today…might try and put her outdoors and just see what happens :slight_smile:

SSH taproot:

Here’s a few other of my successes I’ve had with seeds prior to my cannabis adventure, I know it’s not “bud porn” (yet) but still exciting all the same for me!!

Guava tree (5’ tall now):

Carolina reaper fruiting:

Ghost pepper fruiting:

Thai lady finger fruiting:

And my scorpions are flowering:


Day 13, not much change, but I’m expecting things to start getting busier soon. Hopefully I’ll be getting ready to up-pot these to a 1gal container by this time next week, guess time will tell!!:

Also switched lighting to the 18/6 schedule at day 11…

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@malone saw your plant in the hellraiser grow, take a look at mine, very similar stuff…what strain is yours and what medium (brand), also are you giving calmag or just water, and what ph?

Mines is blue dream photos. Using fox farm happy frog… jus bottled water for now until i transplant in about 3 days then I’ll start it in cal mag and nuts

What about lights? What lights are u using and distance? Also do you have a temp monitoring device that I can place down near the plant?

Soon as I added some cal mag and raised my lights (using a mars hydro ts1000@75%) mine have some what corrected with all the new growth

Light is spider farmer sf2000 at 289 watts and 19inches from plant