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Thanks Newt… I was just about ready to ask… yeah these plants got bugs in the dirt… the plan is to get some clones off of these…and Save The Strains…
I need to get them out ASAP so that was my next question…
However I probably will keep them…until I am certain I have saved them… and have a couple new mothers that I feel confident in…

What size does the new growth have to be to clone and how far into the rapid Rooter plugs do you recommend?

To ensure success, try to get at least 2 inches of new growth. You can succeed with less, but I have found 2-3" works best for me. The key is having enough leaves to provide the moisture the plant needs until new roots grow, and this is purely a function of the leaves once you make the cut. Which is why I leave the bigger leaves, but trim them, like this:


Cool cool…thanks… I got a couple inches to go… but the way things are going…it looks like I will be there soon…

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What kind of bugs do you have? CJDB works on about everything.

Not sure exactly what they are… I’ll try to get some pics when I see them again… I expect there’s probably quite a bit because I brought them from the outside… but I’m also seeing some white bugs flying around… not a whole bunch but…

Most of the flyers, you can kill with nematodes and/or mosquito bits. The crawlers, Diatomaceous Earth, and/or Captain Jack’s Dead Bug (CJDB).

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Cool cool…thanks for that…much appreciated…

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Good Day Sunshine…!
A Rarity here in the great northwest… was pouring earlier and now the sun is out… we don’t see much of that thing around here this time of year :frowning:

A lot is going on in my head… as supplies are coming in…

Got Captain Jacks Dead Bug today.
Getting rid of the bugs…

Also recieved my 2nd 32x32x 63 tent…
Looking forward to setting everything up over the weekend…

My game plan is continually changing as I get more educated in all the possibilities associated with mothers…

I have decided to just go ahead and reveg Sammy and Ray completely…
Who knows maybe put them back outside next year from whence they came?.. for their second yield?
I will cross that bridge when I get there… I’ve got enough to think about at the moment :-).

The mothers are doing fantastic they seem happy… especially Rae…she’s got growth coming out everywhere!

Considering trying a couple clones off of Rae here very soon… I have quite a few spots that I could clone…and reveg…like this one. (I have 3 or 4 sights like this one)

My thoughts are, she is pretty decent size right now and with all the new growth she could afford to be trimmed back…(also concerned about room) Height especially.
I think it would be good trial training run on my first clone… of course I would have to clone and then revege the Clone…good idea?
Any thoughts…?

If you’re for sure going to reveg the whole plant you can wait and get clones after. That said, you don’t have to. But if you really want to keep a clone mother, here’s what I would do.

  1. Reveg the whole plant
  2. Take a few clones after you do
  3. Depending on how those clones do, Bonsai one of them to keep as a mom

When you want to grow one out, just stop trimming the mother until you get enough to take your cuttings, and then put her back in Bonsai trim mode.

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That’s probably best…I need to chill I’m chomping at the bit…
And so much to learn…

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Not something you see everyday…

Mother Rae from above…

And reveged leaves looking like cannabis leaves.

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Bonus this morning purple Rae seed found as I was rolling a fatty.
And Happy Thanksgiving to all…

I’m having a hard time with this purple light 300 w… DLI is super high at 21 in.

Are you on a 20/4 light cycle? (The app is)

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Yes… but even at 18 it seems awfully High right in the center of light… I put both mothers under this this light… I guess I’m just going to have to keep raising it but it seems odd that is so high.

Do you have the plurble light enabled on the app? If you’re using sun, I wouldn’t necessarily believe it.

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Ya… I have it set on the red and blue light…

Well it is 20 hours per day… So may make sense.

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Yeah it might… think I’m just going to drop them down to 18/6 probably safe at this point don’t you think?

It may slow the re-veg a little, but it won’t hurt them.

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Question. Can you clone autos or just photos?

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