Nowisee's Mother's of Buzz


Decided to move my channel over here to document my progress on my 2 mothers.
Purple Rae and Sweet Sammy…

The mothers of Buzz!
I really do crack myself up sometimes ha!

The previous story of these two can be found here.

Sweet Sammy is the smaller of the two.

Purple Rae is exhibiting quite a few clone sites growing already…if I’m not mistaken?

Sweet Sammy has some to…
Just not as much…

Both mothers were grown outside… brought in to be finished and harvested and my tent is contaminated I’m sure.

So I’ve got a new 32 by 32 by 63 tent coming for my clones off of them.

Gathering the rest of the supplies needed to start my cloning operation…

If you’re here …welcome!
And please please please… I’m very new to this…so if you see something in my journal that doesn’t look right or something that I need to change.
Please chime in and let me know…
I’m sure the mothers of Buzz will appreciate it.


I’ll tag along. Good luck! I think what you are seeing is new vegetative growth. You’re on an 18/6 light schedule?

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Thanks Newt.
I’m on a 24/0


Then she’s re-vegging. Looking good!

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Yep…both of them have new growth that have cloning possibilities in the future really low… Purple Rae the bigger one has some sites on the buds that are exhibiting the round little leafs that you get out of seedlings. Of course I am assuming a lot since I don’t know a whole bunch.

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You’ll get a lot of leaves that look like spinach or lettuce. It’s normal, so don’t freak when it happens. :wink:


I have a few White Widows I am revegging. I leave a lot less on my plants when they start.


Well you know im having a hard time letting those little nuggets go…lol

Up to a couple days ago I thought I had a 50-50 chance of being successful with this… so I thought the more I left the more opportunity I would have to get clones… probably assumptions on my part.
Learning as I go here :slight_smile:

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That’s probably best. I have 8 plants and need two. Anything over is just gravy. I really think my reveg bud is more potent. I know my older plants are. These are from a seed I planted last Oct…


Very encouraging to see all the succesful mothers.

On potency… that’s what my brother was telling me … the potency gets stronger.!
Glad to hear thats your actual experience… I’ve read articles that said the exact opposite…
I’ll take your word for it over an article… you’re actually doing it so that makes a difference…

I’m looking forward to finding out myself :slight_smile:

How many mothers do you have?

You can take cuttings from above anywhere off the plantcand root it to get a clone. .

They don’t just “grow with seed leafs”.
A clone is just a branch or top that you force to root.
By you putting it on the 24 hrs light, it forces it to go back into the veg stage and it will start growing new branches and leafs all over, and then you select the spits you want to clip to root.

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I did quite a few reveg plants this year. Most were by accident, but I had a few planned. All my reveg were more potent. Some were my better producers. Overall, I give it two thumbs up.


I always keep one mother plant for each strain I am growing. Currently I have a White Widow that my sister returned after she couldn’t get it to flower. She had it sitting on her patio down in Houston. The parking lot next door was well lit.

Once one of the reveg shows signs of growing, I’ll place her into flowering with a male I have waiting for pollination. Between now and then I’ll take a few more clones from her.

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Can you explain this to me my friend? Or point me to an article?

Thanks 1happyPappy

What are the sizes that you’re looking to clone?.. 3 inches of new growth and above?

These are a couple of plants I started from clones and vegged for about a month.

When I harvested the plants I left a wee bit of bud and gave them a good feeding for veg. (lots of nitrogen)

A few weeks under low lighting and new growth started.

Here they are at a little over a month after harvest.


ReVegging A Harvested Cannabis Plant Tutorial - Growing Cannabis 201: Advanced Grow Tips - YouTube


Thanks my freind

What’s the point of introducing the male?

I’m making my own seeds. I’m adding the White Widow to a strain I’ve been growing for years. Just some bag seeds I am trying to improve now that I have access to some good genetics.