Nostril's Next: 5 outdoors in fabric pots


Tomorrow and the next day great ones for harvesting.


Made my way through 9 oz of Gold Leaf trimming and have had to quit for the day. Looks like I have another 6-8 oz left. I’m tossing a lot of popcorn because this is already much more than I need or can give away, but it’s tough to do.

I did a live trim on OGK today and plan to chop tomorrow. GSC as well.

OGK colas (in the shed):


Congrats and enjoy that frosty treat! You probably are in need of a few.


I had something like that with the dry leaves. I dug deep into the buds and found mold… hope that doesn’t happen to you.


Yeah, I’ll be crushed if so. I can’t look until tomorrow but plan to start wrapping it all up quickly. I just need to make space in my drying room and ensure I’m not bringing in spores.

Happy with the condition of my GL today, though. Stuff looks and smells great.


I encourage you to jar all the flowers up when dry and cure, may come in handy one day.


Have you grown gold leaf before? I haven’t tried that strain yet.


Hey brother I take all that product that has trichs on them and go ahead and dry and cure. Later I will make dry rub kief from it. From there you can rosin press that for some 1st class shatter or just smoke the kief. Might as well utilize the energy you put into the grow no?


I grew Gold Leaf over the winter indoors in a SCROG. Was not a fan for the first few months, but it’s a strain that takes a while to properly cure. Now I really like it. Extremely aromatic and tasty, and a good relaxing effect. I made coconut oil from it as well for canna caps and those are great. I prefer them to my Super Silver Haze canna caps (which are also really nice).

Thanks also @Big123 and @hangthebanksters. I did keep all of my SSH outdoor grow last year and make a bunch of product from it. I also gave a ton away. Yet, I still have four quart jars of flower and about 3 quarts of very potent coconut oil along with some extract made by QWET and a bunch of tincture. I have tons of Chocolope leftover from my winter grow and now these four plants are maturing. So while I agree that I don’t like the idea of wasting, it’s just never going to be used. The difference with this particular Gold Leaf is that I had my wife leave the fan leaves on. So they have curled around and encompassed every popcorn bud. When I go to cut or flake them off, they shatter and stick to the extremely sticky bud underneath. So I’ve taken to just cutting those with the dried fan leaves on them and throwing them in a jar - I can decide later if I care enough to do anything, and I honestly don’t think the fan leaves are going to bother my oil if I leave them in. I only worry if they’ll get toasty when I decarb.


@nostril thank you, i like the Gold Leaf too, grew one last season. I’m going to grow another next season.


Good to know, may need to check that one out next year.


So much OG Kush. It’s going to be my biggest yielder. About 11 this size and many smaller.


Holy shit. Great looking bud there @nostril. Need a smoke report when its done. You’re West coast, right?


I am.

@Ian420 had it right. Big Bud is infested with rot. :cry:

Cleaning what I can now but not a lot to salvage.


Dammit, I didn’t want to be right. Sorry about that.

OG kush seems to be making up for it though. :+1:


I also had rot on some of my AK tops. Not as bad as expected though. @nostril sorry rot is everywhere this year man. Cursed of outdoors :confounded:


Sometimes when I add seeds to cart an offer to buy discounted goldleaf will pop up…


Big Bud isn’t quite as bad as I’d feared. Chopped a bunch and will finish tomorrow. Just finished about half of my GSC. Have to go get the kids from school (and shower first or stink the whole school up!) but here is my progress. Some rot on GSC as well, and I was probably overzealous in removing it but it’s best to be safe.


Those are some nice buds. Congrats on the harvest!


FAT BUDS!!! :sunglasses::clap:t2::crazy_face: