Nostril's Next: 5 outdoors in fabric pots


GSC has incredibly dense nugs. Trying to peel them back to check for rot at the stem was like prying a boulder out of clay. :slight_smile:

Tomorrow I should finish GSC. I don’t really have space for Big Bud in the drying room but will try to figure something out. I don’t think I want to wait another week, rot or not.


Awesome job dude! @nostril


Isn’t it fun to grow?


Its a fucking blast. Better than chess. But , i play chess better when I’m stoned. LOL. I started 2 Autos. No lights yet. Planning on using sunshine for a while. My card got hacked. Another headache. Growing takes my headaches away…:sunglasses:


Finished GSCX. @Big123 and @hangthebanksters will be glad to hear that I stripped the plant this time. Popcorn and small nugs in the Safeway bag. :wink: Can’t get over the density of these flowers.


Congratulations on the harvest, those are gorgeous buds!


Holy crap. Nicely done. @nostril


Well done, bravo!


s’more fatty nugz!!!


wowza,i bet it smells dreamy!!


That is awesome. Every Girl Scout strain I’ve grown has had big buds. This is a Girl Scout strain mixed with gg4 I grew this year. So many big colas…


Those look great, and familiar. :slight_smile: How was that cross? I’m really interested in growing GG4. You said you’re in my neck of the woods. Maybe we can set up a trade so you can also try Gold Leaf…

The astute reader may remember that I am also still growing a Jack Herer Auto and I have a (very) small GSCX clone in flower. Those are still going! The JH is really, really slow but progressing. And the GSCX never grew really at all - just turned into a single flowering cola. The flowers you see are behind the plant, but they look cool anyway.


Most of it is curing but early tests have been fantastic. I’m in Marin County, we could definitely work something out. Always happy to trade. :slightly_smiling_face:


Finished Gold Leaf today.


I tossed all trim but got most of the popcorn in one jar for edibles. It’s likely my smallest yield as it was the smallest looking plant, but let’s see.


Some more rot on Big Bud. I’ve cleaned it but the bud size is diminishing. I’m considering cutting this afternoon, otherwise I’ll have to wait until Monday morning. We’ll see. Weather looks good - dry and 80s - so maybe it’ll be OK a couple more days. Buds still have a little clear. :cry:


I feel you, I cut most of the skywalker og’s down today. Found a little more rot and a small caterpillar in different spots. I threw in the towel.


Well, I’ve decided to wait. If I lose it, I lose it. My goal with BB has always been to go to 20-30% amber on it and use it as sleep medicine. I’ve got plenty of other options in my cupboard for other uses:

Super Silver Haze
Amnesia Haze
Gold Leaf
Girl Scout Cookies
OG Kush
and before long Jack Herer.

Plus, I’ve got some friends around here that I’ll trade with, and maybe you and I can work something out. So I’m just going to let her go until she’s moving into amber land or until she’s completely in decline from rot.


Worth noting: I harvested half of GSCX one day, and the other half the next. The plant was given an extra dark period because of this. Comparing the trichomes between the two harvests shows… no difference. FWIW. :wink:


Is this a good or bad review of Gold Leaf? @nostril


@stretchgfw.1957 It’s neither! I think it’s a good yield for a plant in a 10 gallon pot. The flowers look like the best quality I’ve grown as far as trichome development, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything until I try the stuff after the cure. The buds look a lot crustier than my indoor grown GL from last winter.