Nostril's Next: 5 outdoors in fabric pots


You’ll be glad you gave them more time to beautify and finish up properly.

They look outstanding!


Nah. Don’t cut down. Its the product of all your hard work. Splurge and enjoy, like me. Ha, ha!:sunglasses:@Edz


It appears there is rain in the forecast Monday, about a half inch or more. Mrs. Nostril is still going to cut Gold Leaf in the morning before the rain, but I wonder if I should have her cut the others. I realize a lot of people have rain all season, but I do worry about rot. We’ll have two days of cool, but it is supposed to dry out and be in the 80s the rest of the week.

I saw that @DaGoose had some rot issues and given the similar climate, I am worried. Hard when I’m on the other side of the globe.

In other news, Oktoberfest is a blast. :smiley:


I’m in the same area too. I have cut some down but I’m moving a couple under some cover during the rain. It sprinkled here yesterday too. I’m keeping a close eye out for rot. Good luck!


@nostril your girls look great!!! Have a beer or ten for me bro!!! Remember I added to my bud rot problem by heavily spraying my girls right before a few days of constant fog. Hoping yours have no issues!!!


Mrs. Nostril successfully cut Gold Leaf today before the rain and was kind enough to send a couple of photos. I didn’t have her trim fan leaves, which I’d normally do. Kind enough of her to do this to begin with.


Good thing you cut her down, it is pouring here at my house! Nice work. :grinning:


Beautiful grow, well done!


Thanks. I’m a little worried about my other plants. We got nearly 2 inches at my house on Tuesday. Going to stay dampish today and then dry out the rest of the week. Hopefully they enjoy the wash and the bud rot stays at bay.

I’ll be back Friday to eyeball them.


I hurt myself overseas so I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time looking, but the girls look fully faded. I took some photos, no prep of cleaning dead loose leaves or anything like that so excuse the slop. I’m guessing they’re pretty much done. Didn’t have a loupe. I didn’t see immediate signs of bud rot but also didn’t get my gloves on and inspect deeply. I’ll hopefully do that later today if my body cooperates.

GSCX, OG Kush, Big Bud in that order.


geez @nostril that’s some fine looking cannabis!


Look real good from here haha! Hopefully you’re not hurt serious, and will be healthy soon.


Looking fabulous, brilliant job!


I had a chance to get down there and check out trichomes and hunt for rot. I found a little bit of bud rot on OG Kush but didn’t see anything else. I cut it out and threw it away.

Trichomes are surprisingly not much farther along; thanks to all for talking me down before my trip. OG Kush is farthest along and I’ll probably cut her early next week. Big Bud has plenty of clears still. None of them have much amber except on the ends of the sugar leaves.

I’m pretty happy with the girls right now. Big Bud is sagging all over the place, but I’m not sure that it matters too much at this point. We do have fire weather (high winds/low humidity) coming Sunday into Monday, so I’ll have to consider something to keep things from breaking.

GSCX Bud, and a better shot of OG Kush.


Stunning buds and photos!

I’m glad you waited too.


Beautiful pics.


DUDE that first shot is a bud of the month fir sure! :sunglasses:


Welcome back, feel better man!


The interstitial fan leaves in my buds are drying out and getting crispy at the edges. I don’t feel like the plants are underwatered, but that’s a potential cause. I’ve given them a good drink today since humidity is very low. I think I may have cut nutes off a bit too soon this year for some of them and I’ll keep that in mind for next year. Also, I’m quite certain they’ve completely packed the 10 gallon pots. Maybe 15 gallons next year.

OG Kush is done. I’m going to wheel her into the shed today and plan to cut her in the next day or two after a rest. Tomorrow I plan to trim and jar Gold Leaf.

GSC will be next, probably late in the week or early next week. And Big Bud last. It’s finally time.


Some bad news for the girls I left out. Humidity in the single digits and high winds have really dried them out. I watered twice yesterday and again this morning but the fan leaves are demolished in the bud area. Probably will have to cut early, like tomorrow. Thoughts? I’m thinking this was caused by nutes being withdrawn too early (so an early fade) coupled with hot and very dry conditions.