No sprouts after 5 days

Hi all!

I received my new seeds from ILGM, and was very excited to get them started. After a 2-3 day soak in water, all 6 seeds sprouted. These were planted into coconut coir pellets that were well saturated. The chamber has had good moisture, but I have yet to see any sprouts. They are 4-5 days in the soil, and I thought I would be seeing something by now. I’m tempted to try to break the pellets open to see what is going on, but I’m also afraid to break any little plant that may be growing. Please help this newbie!

May have drowned them if the pellets were soaked. What are you using for light and schedule?


The temperature has been between 75-85 degrees here all week with sunny to partly sunny weather, so I put the tray outside to try to help. I had read that it isn’t extremely important at this stage to have them under light until the sprouts poke through the soil. Is that another thing that I did wrong?

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That shouldn’t be a problem. I like to get them a little light, like what would be equivalent to being in a window sill or something.

I’ll try to be patient and let the soil dry out some. I’m very tempted to peak inside the dirt, but am afraid to damage my girls. Thanks!

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soak seeds 24 hrs…then place in between moist paper towels. once tap root is 1/4"+ long…place in ground till just the head is showing. suggest 9oz clear cups with drain holes for first growing. Once white roots are all over the cup…transplant to final home.

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Hi Tanlover442, I actually put them into clear cups of water until they got their tap root. 4 sprouted their tap roots within 24 hours, another within 36, and the last two at about 48 hours. All have been in the same environment since.
I couldn’t handle it anymore, so I opened the pods to see what is going on. All seeds are still viable, but I think they were severely cramped. I am not a fan of the pods. I want to swap them over into some cups with potting soil, would that be bad at this point? This is what I have to work with:

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din want to be the one to tell you, since you had already done it…BUT…the grow pellet thingys are known for holding too much water and…if planted too deep the seed just cramps up and never sees sunlight.

YOU is lucky. Go buy a lottery ticket quick. Not too late to save the cramped curled seedlings.
Have to mix the prefertilized stuff in 1 to three ratio. Put in clear plastic cups with drain holes. Take seedling position the best you can…best if root down and seed head just at ground level. Pack soil loosely and water lightly. Better if you mist till the soil gets moist and repeat twice a day if needed. Then take another clear cup and put over the first. Now seedling has a humidity dome. After seedling is planted…can mist the inside of the cup and it will do fine.

Keep us updated…inquiring nosy idle minds want to know :cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


Well, I’m not counting myself lucky… yet. All the seeds got a new home today, clear plastic cup and fox farm soil. Moisture level seems good. I will definitely keep everyone posted, I’m anxious to see what happens…

Also, please tell me if I am doing something wrong, like using the peat pods. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way, unfortunately. Maybe round two will be better…

I would remove all the plastic covers.
I wouldn’t dome them until they have broken ground and are up and going.
Too much humidity can be a problem they need to breath so to speak until they pop up through the soil

You’ll also want to use a solid color cup to put outside (over) the clear plastic ones as you don’t want light hitting the roots as they develop

I saw a pic of peat pots above…that’s what I use and I love them…not plastic lol not referring to what you originally used but the actual pots made of peat where you put the soil in like the cups

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I like those cups for most things also. For this, though, I used those hard pellets that you put into water. No bueno.
I don’t want plastic over the cups? I just changed their soil and though a little humidity would be good?

I wouldn’t cover / dome them until after they have broken through the soil even then give them a day and I wouldn’t seal them like I saw earlier pic…you want 60-75% humidity but not a rain forest

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Covers removed


I don’t know guys… No signs of life yet. I think I messed this round up pretty good, and will likely start over… Bummer …

I threw in the towel on my first 6 seeds. I’m so bummed I didn’t get them to sprout. I started over again, and ended up dumping one of my cups all over the ground with my newly germinated seed in it. So I’m down one already…

But I now have signs of life in my 3 remaining cups. I can’t believe how much they grew in the 5 hours I was away!! Photos are lunch time to now:


How do I know if my roots are sticking out too far? On one of them, I can see the white root hairs. What should I do?

Cover it with a little soil.

Thanks @Jbum, I just didn’t want to hurt the girls somehow if I did. They are covered. I will check them in a few hours to make sure all is well…

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Day 2- Green Crack and Strawberry Cough. I can’t wait…

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So how they doing?